Peace up the rEvolution

Wow what a ride 2016 was. Three massive cosmic waves of higher frequency energy in February, April and late August/September. Blood moons, super moons, a giant blue sphere, solar flares and all kinds of nasa reported shenanigans. This truly was a year of accelerated awakening, upgrades and recalibration. 

We faced grief, fear, horror and then Trumpocalypse. Victory in Standing Rock tainted by the predicted and inevitable oil spill. As the veils lifted, the curtain pulled back and the darkness illuminated we saw the creatures who rule in ignorance, greed and hate. They want their New World Order. Well maybe it is time for our New World… created in love, harmony and peace. 

The war for our minds, bodies and souls rages on. We look into the eye of our enemy. Are we going to own our new selves? Be the people we dream of being? Be present in our core, confident, graceful and humble?

We hold our ground. Connect our light to the Gaia grid like twinkling fairy lights strung round the planet. With every breath we raise the vibrations. We stand in our power, balanced, aligned and grounded. 

2017 is the start of our consolidation period, we will continue to experience upgrades and recalibrate accordingly but not at the rate of this year. We have begun processing now. Unplugging, downloading and evolving.

Know yourself. Own who you are. Accept past mistakes. Release fear. Let go of convention, consumerism and competition. Sometimes the easiest way to figure out what you want is to work out what you don’t want.

Find your groove, your path, your way. Trust your instincts, they are the mouthpiece of your guides and higher self. Believe we can change the world, one step at a time. Embrace gratitude as a daily way of life. 

Meditate. Create. Breathe. 

The energies have shifted, cosmic waves of connectivity to higher frequencies opening our minds to the possibilities of quantum existence. This is the future. 

Integrate, recalibrate, consolidate. 

It’s time to step up warriors, teachers, healers and creators. Own who we are, fulfil our mission, spread love and raise the vibrations maaaaan!

Mantra – we are the Rainbow Warriors, we bring love and light to Gaia, we will change the world.



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