Experiencing an awakening, expansion of consciousness, can be a gradual process or a quite sudden eureka moment. Reaching out to others in your real life or on the interweb is a good way of sharing the experience and exploring what it means. 

Seeing the matrix illusion for what it is, although traumatic is ultimately liberating. The ego is the prime target of our competitive, low frequency western society. Freeing our ego from consumerism, competition and convention is life changing and life enhancing.  We make space for quiet reflection, meditation, gratitude and authentic experiences in the present, the now.

This time has been predicted and spoken of for thousands of years, the Age of Aquarius, a global awakening of quantum expansion to higher frequencies. Social media and the internet help facilitate this awakening. We have free access to each other and a wealth of previously oppressed or hard to find information. We are a village again able to communicate and share. These are exciting times to embrace our new perspective and give it wings! Namaste.


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