When we experience the magic of love in the universe we feel a lightness of being. A wondrous epiphany of higher frequency potential. A connection to everything, fear evaporates and knowledge takes its place.

Seeing the magic of love in our own lives is just as profound for our holistic growth as multi dimensional expansion. Connecting to our own lives, to the love vibrations in our own world grounds and expands us simultaneously. 

Being selective about who or what we think about, feel and experience is key to this mindful expansion. Removing stress, fear, competition, manipulative and fake people from our lives enables this mind body spirit recalibration. Turn off mainstream media. Step away from folk who make you feel bad about yourself. Show yourself some respect and love.

To lose ourselves in fifth dimensional frequencies, can for some, lead to neglect of the present, to seek escape from the third dimension. Our bodies exist here, our families and friends, our passions and missions are here. We plant our feet firmly on the ground of Gaia, channel her love frequency, nature’s vibration. She is part of our growth. 

We can become quantum, fluid beings. As our chakras align, expand and strengthen we stretch, lighten and become more flexible. This evolution of our bodies is hampered by matrix toxins. Processed, fake, plastic food literally weighs down our body, keeping our vibrations lower. Solar plexus and sacral chakra health, particularly, can be held back, blocked by these toxins. 

Water is the gift from Gaia to flush out our systems, clean us from the inside our, rehydrate us and refresh us. Replacing fizzy drinks, high sugar drinks and energy drinks with water (add fresh squeezed lime or other fruits) is like waving a magic wand over our health. We look cleaner, fresher and healthier on the outside and our systems flow smoothly and with ease on the inside.

Becoming one with our day to day lives, mindful, grateful and present is just as important a part of our transition as meditating higher frequencies and recharging in nature. Alignment comes from the 7 main chakras being in harmony with each other. This process is natural, organic, predicted and necessary for the survival and evolution of Gaia and humanity. 

Let the bad stuff go, release it from our lives. Fill the spaces created with good food, good people, good living. If we take care of ourselves from the inside out we manifest this into our lives. Learn to receive love from yourself and from others. We are all worthy of self care, mind, body, soul nourishment. Take it eazy beautiful people. Namaste.

Mantra: I share love, I receive love, I am love.


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