Cosmic Chaos & Calm February 2017

Dimensional slippage, timeline shifts, vivid, symbolic dreams, animals behaving oddly, strange weather and random flashbacks are being stirred up by the solar eclipse and new Pisces moon in these cosmic times. We are being offered the opportunity to release some dense, sticky karma with the waves of higher frequencies coming through.

For those of us drawn to our crown chakra, escaping reality, meditation, esoteric expansion of consciousness, academia, imagination and creativity call. The danger of such a cosmic combination is not being grounded. We can be swept away on creative, fifth dimensional higher vibrations. Losing our footing, feeling dizzy or becoming disconnected. Repeating the mantra ‘I am grounded’ throughout the day will help. If you feel particularly lightheaded, floaty, unable to focus, use the mantra ‘I am moving my spirit back into my body’ to regain mind body spirit equilibrium.

For those of us who are more grounded in this dimension, who feel secure with the routines and regulations here, an activation of higher chakras, throat, third eye and crown is being offered. To access these upgrades use the mantra ‘I open my mind body soul to intuition, reflection and expanded consciousness’. Take time for yourself, for inner journeys and meditation. Quieten your mind through self care and nature, turn up the volume of your soul. Raise your vibrations to embrace cosmic waves of lighter frequencies.

Old habits, repetitive behaviours, matrix crutches masquerading as pleasures, may be holding many of us back. We are being asked to look at our behaviours, our thought patterns, our belief systems and the more structured, locked down elements of our lives. We are being encouraged to remove blockages to allow energies to flow through us. To trust the natural balance of the universe to align and balance us.

Our root chakras are being stirred up, bringing the opportunity to release older karma, maybe ancestral, maybe from this lifetime’s childhood or traumatic experiences. This will require a heightened awareness of sudden memories, vivid dreams. Be alert and aware of the language our guides use, numbers, symbols, animals, synchronicity and Deja vu.

Seeking balance between crown chakra expansion and enlightenment, third eye chakra connection to higher dimensions, and being grounded in this lifetime, mindful and present, is the holy grail we seek. To be aligned is to be connected on all levels of our system. 

As our throat chakras experience further activation we are being offered the chance to express ourselves more clearly. Humanity’s evolution rests on us finding our true voice, coming together as a people with one voice. A voice for freedom, equality and ultimately evolution.

If we are too grounded, we may miss the opportunity to expand our consciousness and change our reality through positive manifestation. If we are not grounded enough we risk injury, neglect of our bodies, stabilising routines and nourishing people in our lives. Knowing when to be present, when to release karma and when to embrace higher frequencies requires integrating a natural flow of quantum consciousness, and trusting it.  

Disconnection is a real danger for those of us struggling to be grounded. Missing out on expansion of our mind body soul systems because we are too plugged in, is the risk for very grounded people. It’s all about balance and alignment in high winds people, staying afloat as the cosmic waves of higher frequencies thrash and swell around us.

We are experiencing profound times cosmologically. We are witnessing the exposure of the elite, their darkness and their depravity. Disclosure of an intergalactic nature is also upon us. It’s all coming together in a bigger picture, as the age of Aquarius and the Aquarius full moon of this month herald. How we face these truths, exposures and disclosures, will determine our future. 

To see only a part of the picture, the elite’s greed, the intergalactic truths or the poisons of the matrix, is to limit our understanding and ability to process and integrate fully into higher frequencies. We strive for the bigger picture, the mind body soul trinity picture. Open our mind, take care of the body and get to know our soul, this is the challenge at the heart of awakening and ascension to higher dimensions of being.

I would say stay in this weekend if you can! Avoid crowds, transport, and over exposure to darker energy fields. Taking care of our energy field helps us integrate upgrades to our dna. Anything synthetic can block this process. Meditate to clear, strengthen and balance your mind body soul system before and after exposure to the matrix.

We are looking into a cosmic karmic mirror, what is holding us back? What behaviours do we hold onto that prevent us from transitioning to lighter beings? What emotional triggers are we susceptible to? What are the causes and effects? Are there emotional places we have to go to release some deep pain, traumatic energies trapped in our root and sacral chakras, possibly blocking our heart chakra? What needs to be surrendered? How can we procrastinate less and be more productive?

This is a turning point for humanity and Gaia’s evolution. Will we clear bad karma and release it, lightening ourselves to become more connected to the universal love frequencies? Can we trust there is purpose in the pandemonium, truth in the madness, authenticity spreading its wings from the chrysalis of chaos? Pain has to be released. It will pass, it always passes. Be grounded, expansive and centred friends, we’ve got stormy seas ahead, laugh and love, reflect and maybe cry, grow and believe in a better future.

Mantras: I embrace the new, I release the old. I am grounded and expansive, I am love.


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