New moon & Solar Eclipse Owl totem

We are coming to the peak of this new moon solar eclipse. The owl is a beautiful totem for the cosmic shifts we are experiencing. Inner wisdom, intuition and clarity, third eye activation and trusting our instincts are the owls teaching. Sight in the dark, using our inner wisdom to see through the shadows of deception. 

We are awakening beings, learning to shed our matrix avatar and step into cosmic love frequencies. We are becoming our authentic selves, releasing fear, toxins and heavy karma. Stay strong, centred and in the love frequency friends. When the high winds of quantum energy push and pull us allow the flow, embrace the energies of change. Breathe and releeeeaaaase. 

These are the beginning times, a new age of compassion, justice and equality. Freedom from matrix programming, unplugging. Who are we really? Are we a violent, vicious virus on the planet or are we an oppressed, kind, peaceful people, about to step out of the shadows and into our power? 

This is spiritual. This is cosmic. This is real and it’s happening now friends. Be like the owl, bring truth, sight and wisdom, illuminate the darkness. Embrace, upgrade and align, manifest your dreams as we surf these magical waves of transition and transformation. Much love and light beautiful people. Namaste.

Mantra: I share love, I receive love, I am love


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