Increased Polarity as Timelines Shift.

Whilst we may like to entertain the ideal that all of humanity will embrace quantum upgrades, raise their vibrations and move to higher frquencies along with Gaia, this is looking less and less likely. 

There is much discussion among the awakening community…what happens to the people embracing hatred, greed, fear, violence and anger? The people who spread hatred in their communities and on the global stage? The arms dealers, lizard politicians, trolls and everyday people who pepper their lives with fascism, racism, misogyny, hatred, violence, abuse and dark behaviour?

From a peace and love perspective we are all one maaan. We are all part of a whole. Yet it only takes two minutes of social media or msm to see the ugly truth. Many people are choosing the blue pill. Many continue to foster addiction to money, support violence, slander and insult their fellow humans, view themselves as superior to others, judge how people live and use language, physicality and the law to assert their power over others. 

This polarity has just taken another giant leap. As we upgrade in accordance with cosmic waves of higher frquencies we choose to embrace, integrate and recalibrate higher frequencies. Many are rejecting this. Many believe that more war, violence, inequality and abuse is exactly what they, and the planet, needs. We see this blue pill choice in others everyday. 

With each new timeline shift, each cosmic opportunity for individual growth and evolution, comes a greater separation between kind people and darker, energy vampires. Greed, hatred, vicious thoughts and behaviour corrode the soul, poison the mind and darken the heart. Karma, dark and sticky like tar, builds up round the energetic system. The more evil and cruel a person’s thoughts and feelings are the harder, darker, denser their mind body soul system becomes. 

Add to this ancestral and past life karma, this dedication to dark living can become part of the individual’s dna over many lifetimes. Not even the greatest shaman in the universe can clear these layered dark energies. The persons frequency will be dramatically weighed down, they will become stunted. Their mind body soul evolution stuck, locked down in heavy karmic energy, low vibrations.

This is a universal truth. We make our choices. We have free will. No one forces us to be abusive, violent or greedy. The fat cat bankers choose each day to rip ordinairy people off, line their own pockets and buy more rich boy toys. They may try and sanitise their choices, claim the system shapes them, demands it. Manipulative people have an agenda, their own needs, their own pleasures. This service to self falls on a frequency spectrum like everything else.

One world, one love, one people…really? To be programmed is different from these every day choices of morality. To be programmed by the matrix is to eat toxins because we don’t know any better. It is to be caught up in the lies and deceptions of the global elite and not know the truth. It is to be trapped in a matrix avatar due to cultural, economic or religious pressures. This is not service to self, this is programming. 

We can unplug, wake up, educate ourselves and change the way we think and live. Excuses don’t cut it karmically. For every person beaten and raped as a child who turns into a wife beater and rapist there are others seeking help, support and love to change their lives. Just as many people who suffer, step up to help those still suffering, as start to dish is out themselves. It is the mark of a persons true moral fibre, their code of conscience that drives their choices and actions. There are no excuses, we exist in a multi verse of infinite choices, timelines and karmic accumulation or release.

As more people wake up, unplug and tune their lives to higher frequencies the chasm between red pill and blue pill people widens. Is this the Separation written about in many of our religious texts? Will the matrix stay behind in the third dimension? Will it be populated? 

Is this Dante’s vision, circles of hell? All the greedy, violent, selfish, nasty, cruel depraved and deceitful people stuck on the karmic wheel of the third dimension, slow to evolve or progress due to their choices. Each one trapped in the circle appropriate to their darkness? Is this where we get the mythology around Ascension, Sin and Heaven and Hell?

Without negative people it’s quite easy to see that anywhere would be an improvement than sharing a planet, a reality, an existence with them. This may sound like hate, it isn’t. It’s real life. It’s rationalisation. It’s accepting the truth. Are we One, or are we divided by morality, inner soul sensibilities, choices and integrity, along a spectrum of infinite frequencies, positive and negative?

We are all programmed by our environment. This programming goes only so far. Our soul chooses. Our heart chooses. The ego may be manipluated but the soul knows it’s truth. We can all do and say horrible things, it’s what we do afterwards that shows the mark of us. Do we apologise, try and fix the problem or do we justify our actions to ourselves, ignore the beating wings of our angelic selves, that little instinct to do good?

Western society legitimises hate, glamorises wealth and greed and strips us back to a shallow shell of selfie culture. The corporate elite hiding in their castles, cutting off their own humanity, cold lizards choosing not to empathise with others. This will be their judgement. Not in a scary biblical way, in a very real quantum mechanics way. 

Energy goes where intention flows, always. Our energy is honest, it is us. The very deep inside of us. We can all get angry, fed up, jealous or fearful, it’s how we project these energies, how we transmute them in our mind body soul systems, that determines our soul imprint. 

We are all on our own path. This is true. We are all in the middle of a celestial cosmic shift as planet earth ascends to higher frquencies reclaiming her identity as Gaia. We are also being offered this opportunity. It’s what we do with it that counts.

The polarity of planet earth is being cranked up another notch. It appears there is a separation. To focus on our inner selves, creating a more holistic way of living with the natural world, is the only way to transition through this process of evolution without poisoning our own systems. 

We are all one in that we are all vibrational beings existing in a vast multi verse of learning and growth. But we are all very different in how we respond to these transitions. Be indignant, be angry, be upset at how people treat each other, at the catastrophes that seem to occur daily on planet earth in the name of greed and material wealth. Don’t let that anger corrode your soul. Know this is what makes us human, emotional responses. Practise intensive self care to clear strengthen and balance our energetic systems, releasing negative emotions. 

This war for our minds, bodies and souls rages around us. We can rise above it. We can retain serenity, integrity and compassion, release negative energies and practise kindness in our daily lives. 

These are grim times in the matrix for those of us unplugging and seeing through the veils of illusion. With each person that awakens and sees the good in their heart and practises this in their lives, we raise Gaia’s frequency. 

Limit what you engage with, choose your battles carefully, some people, they may be family or friends, are choosing the blue pill. We cannot change their minds. We cannot preach, shout or behave in a way to forcibly change them. We can only work on our own little sphere of influence. The information is all out there. The depraved practises of the elite cabal are there for anyone to find if they look. It is not our job to awaken others, to make people kind if they are cruel. We can only step away, put space between us and them, let the chasm of polarity and separation widen as a quantum and organic process. 

We can share love, receive love and be love without compromising our sovereignty or integrity. We can see without reacting. The change comes from within not outside. The world may seem to be getting worse and it is. This does not mean we give up or judge or preach, this simply means we take care of ourselves and our loved ones, we do our best for the planet and for those less well off than us. We are changing, evolving as a people, just not all of us. This is OK. Let it be. 

The transition process means we exist in all frequencies. With each pulse of our heart, vibration of our cellular system, we emit our frequency. As the process accelerates we will see less and less of the people and their actions on different frequencies. For now we are like ping pong balls bouncing up and down the spectrum seeing everything.

Trust this process. Try and manage the effects of the matrix and it’s extremism polarising the planet’s people’s. Stay centred in your belief that there can and will be a better world. Even on those days where despair and anger seem to eat you up from the inside out. Use your toolkit to raise your vibrations again. 

This is spiritual but not biblical. This is quantum mechanics not 3d reality. This is happening. No matter how negative and chaotic things get, look for the good in the world, it is there, it just doesn’t get airtime. A happy people are far harder to control than a miserable, hate fuelled, fearful society. Reality does bite, it hurts. Go inward for peace. Meditate love frequency, be kind to yourself. Allow mistakes, know that it is the willingness to change that counts. 

We are living through profound times of change, each one of us has choices to make everyday. Stay safe and calm, go with your flow and spread love vibrations. Namaste.

Mantra: I am a flawed, beautiful being, I can change my world.


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