Are we alone in the universe?

As Gaia raises her frequencies, triggered by waves of cosmic light energy, we experience an accelerated awakening. As a people, a society, a global population, our perceived differences are being exposed as elitist strategy to divide, conquer, control and oppresss. The veils are lifting. Catalysts activate upgrades on a cellular level and awakening on a global scale.

Much of the darkness at the heart of the cabal matrix rests in one major ‘belief’, sold as fact, ‘we are alone in the universe’. We are the only intelligent life forms in the universe. Any scientist, free thinker, alchemist, psychic or guru who has queried this has been ruthlessly and relentlessly discredited, bullied, intimidated or mocked by the establishment.

Applying just a fraction of common sense to this theory blows it to smithereens. It is an arrogant assumption at best, a powerful tool for control of a dumbed down population at worse. The suppression of science and scientists, the oppression of people through the maligned teaching of religious texts, propaganda fed through education, has kept the population in a state of controlled ignorance for thousands of years.

When we talk of the veils lifting, of seeing through the illusions of the matrix, the issue of disclosure is key. Disclosure of an intergalactic, spiritualised, technologically advanced, complex community watching, waiting, maybe interfering as we wake up en masse. 

We can use Hollywood as a fairly secure tracking device to see what the elite want us to know. Films like Arrival indicate strategy to control the knowledge once it comes out. The American military will be the only trustworthy government to handle revelation of an alien presence, if we are to believe the movie.

More intriguingly Arrival explores quantum existence. The word quantum is not mentioned once yet the alien language, their non linear existence, the linguist morphing into their quantum perspective, is subtle disclosure. 

The tale at the heart of the film is awakening, it’s raising frequencies to become a quantum being. It is answering the age old question, are we alone? The answer being no. There is intelligent life out there. 

This is the big one. The big lie. The big cover up. The elite have literally buried the truth, ancient relics of wisdom and knowledge of the skies and their inhabitants, hidden from view. Places like Gobekli Tepe tell a very different story of our origins challenging the cabal’s spun narrative that we are alone. 

The multi verse is complex and convoluted, there is good and evil, there is politics and war, there are different levels of technological advancement. There is also quantum spirituality. Frequencies determining our perception of reality, our karmic growth and our understanding of manifestation. Are ETs angels and vice versa? Are gods and saints more advanced aliens? Are our body’s suits we wear when we experience a lifetime on heavier planets?

These questions are rational, logical and probing. In the matrix they are seen as radical, revolutionary, frightening or simply stupid. Waking up is all of this and more. It requires openness, fearlessness and trust that there is more than the violent, hate fuelled greed we see everyday. 

Waking up as an evolving human means letting go of the linear limitations of the matrix. Peering beyond the panoptican prison walls and seeing a much bigger, sometimes scary, but ultimately reassuring picture, that there is more than us and planet earth.

There is a thriving, complicated and busy intergalactic community out there, and we are expected to take our rightful place as a free people caring for their planet. 

We can ride waves of accelerated recalibration and upgrades. We can rise above the polarity of the third dimension, beyond this extremist society. We can feed the hungry, clothe the poor, nourish our spirits and bodies, live as one with the land. We can do this. By embracing our quantum existence we can keep ourselves above water, float, swim, surf and sail the stormy seas of cosmic transition.

Maybe the time for stealth mode is almost over and we can start questioning more openly, talking about angels and ETs, planets and frequencies, technology and meditation. There is a movement of change, of awakening, sweeping over this planet, this reality. As it increases momentum we will flash back and forth on the frequency spectrum.

We are in a deeply profound time in space, a time predicted for millennia. Don’t feel alone. Reach out and find others at similar stages to you. Take good care of yourself and be kind to others. Be prepared for controlled disclosure regarding intergalactic community. 

There is a whole new world out there for us to explore, be excited to see the end of the old and embrace the new. Manifest love, peace and abundance on Gaia beautiful people. Namaste.

By Morag at awakening5dhealing on Facebook wordpress and youtube.


3 thoughts on “Are we alone in the universe?”

  1. You and I are on the same page!
    I’m an energy and light worker in Canada.
    My goal is to help my brothers and sisters see through the matrix and raise there own vibration so they are projecting there own high vibration instead of absorbing low vibrational energy.
    To take there focus away from fear based who, or why questions and focus on clearing there energy field
    To help the “collective energy field”
    We all create together.
    I’m also trying to open there eyes to the “infiltration” of the spiritual community buy the cabal.
    Too many people trying to capitalize on the awakening for the purpose of monetary gain.
    My energy is with you!
    Together, beings like you and I must help the others on this amazing journey.
    Light and energy to you my friend!!


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