Trolls and love frequency

When we read or hear hate spouted by those living in fear, it can be distressing. Social media trolls reveal an underbelly of racism, fascism, misogyny and aggression in our society. The aftermath of London’s false flag attack leaves a bitter taste. Every thought and action we have can be boiled down to one of two emotions – love or fear. 

People who exist in fear become defensive, aggressive, easy to manipulate and potentially harmful. 

Not giving up on this world is paramount to manifesting a safer world.  Fight fear frequency. Mainstream media penetrates our psyche with hate filled language. Switch it off. 

The chasm between the fearful and the loving is stretching wider everyday. Balancing our inner world helps us maintain equilibrium. Meditate, be mindful, step into compassion but don’t drop your energetic defenses. This planet is a war zone for our mind body and souls, know this. To rise above hate, to Zen up and be free of fear is our goal. Our frequencies determine our reality, exist in gratitude, love and compassion. 

These are challenging times friends, we must stick together and spread love vibrations as authentically as we can. Use healing therapies to release fear, practise self care, rest and recharge. 

2017 is going to shake us down to our core, our moral fibre, who and what we truly are will be revealed. Embrace this evolution of consciousness, be relieved and reassured things are changing. In meditation send healing love light to Gaia, her people and those affected by this attack. Sending love and light beautiful people.

Mantra: I connect to universal healing love energy, I share this with Gaia, those in need, my family, friends and my self.


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