Cosmic Waves of Recalibration #seetruth

The veils thin between worlds, dimensions and our perception of reality. As truth reveals itself we wake up. We begin to see with our third eye, responding to energy frequencies more and outward appearance and language less. We feel our consciousness expand, our intuition and instincts heighten as our systems transition to higher vibrations.

The systems and structures, procedures and processes of the matrix are designed to hamper our evolution. Others in our lives may be fighting this process, stubbornly sticking to their guns. Fear is a powerful motivator for rejecting change. As is religious, cultural, economic and social programming. 

The secret to surviving waking up in the matrix is spiritual engagement. Holding the palms of our hands together, closing our eyes, lengthening our breath and actively raising our vibrations in meditation. We come online, disconnect from the frequency of the matrix and connect to higher frequencies.

To unplug is to still the chatter of our ego, the voice that bombards us every day with negativity. Fuelled by everything we see around us from billboard advertising, our colleagues or congregation to music, film and particularly television. 

The pressures to conform to the matrix are immense. Subliminal and overt messages in advertising rewire our brains to the algorithms of the matrix. 

To see truth we learn to deconstruct the images, music and rhetoric surrounding us. To see truth we step away from convention locked down in racist and misogynistic programming. To see truth we look at people in our lives with new eyes, authentic eyes, our vision clears. 

Lies and liars reveal themselves. Predators and narcissists are exposed from the shadow of manipulation. Users and abusers show their true face. All masks disintegrate as cosmic waves of awakening raise our frequencies. 

Global leaders, cultural icons, TV talking heads display increasing signs of malfunction as their masks loosen, slip and slide. Their camouflage failing as the matrix is decommissioned. 

Dark workers in our lives display increasingly extreme behaviours. Aggression, violence, unpredictability and rashness triggered by confusion. They are no longer able to smooth talk or slither their way round the matrix as they used to. 

Throat chakra activation affects everyone, we see ourselves and project ourselves to the world more authentically. The layers of camouflage come off. The polarity between service to self and service to others widens. 

The great challenge we all experience is awakening within the system. We change the system from the inside out. We search for the good in the processes and procedures. The heart led people functioning in stealth mode, in banks, corporations, government, healthcare and education. We celebrate their courage and we are grateful for their comittment. 

This is a planet in transition from 3rd to 5th dimension, from lies to truth, from fear to love. We contribute to this by believing in a better world, fighting to change the spaces we exist in, sending out ripples of love frequency, no matter what or who challenges, backstabs, trips us up or attacks us. 

Each one of us has the warrior inside them, step into this power. Seek clarity of vision, activate your third eye to penetrate deception and deceit, quieten your ego with love and reassurance. Trust your intuition for it is our true sight in these stormy cosmic seas of transition. Be love, be peace, be strong beautiful people.

Mantra I am truth, I am light, I am love.


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