Calling all Jedi Knights 

We are getting closer to throat chakra activated truth on planet earth. The rabbit hole of global corporate politics gets deeper. 2012 kickstarted mass awakening, a global purge creating space for truth and compassion. Many can now recognise Trump as a magician’s trick, a puppet to distract us from the real global power struggle. 

Disclosure promises truth on a multi universe scale, other races, other species, some seeded with us or even by us in distant past, others predators raping Gaia ruthlessly. 

We know of sex slave rings, paedophile rings, arms and drug cartels all operating, sanctioned by, and profitting the elite. We are seeing the manipulation of humans through the holographic matrix reality. Making people slaves, cogs in a wheel, holding up the elite’s pyramid of power for thousands of years. 

There is something very wrong in the state of planet earth. Something very dark, sinister and appalling needs to be excavated, dug up, released and transformed. This sickness in our world has caused enough damage. 

We are being offered enlightenment. This is choice, red pill, wake up ‘our world is in serious trouble let’s do something about it’ enlightenment.

Jedi knights are breaking cover for freedom, information and change. People are risking their lives every day to speak out against the establishment. 

The fascist rhetoric of mainstream media continues to programme, it’s algorithms of oppression hardwired into the system. The slander, the innuendo, the outright lies, the threats and deceit of our corporate funded governments must be stopped. 

Jedi knights Jeremy Corbyn and Bernie Sanders, Obi Wan Kenobi and Yoda, bring wisdom, deep knowledge of the cabal and how they operate. They offer illumination in the ways of the Force, in courage and optimism. We need the Skywalkers to step up. As we meditate love frequency unite in calling those young Jedi still in stealth mode to break cover, call them to our cause. 

We are all Jedi knights learning the ways of the force. We can all tune up our third eye, open our heart chakras and connect to and harness love light frequency. We can manifest a new earth. We unite in mind body soul. 

We make concerted effort to wean ourselves off the poisons of the matrix, to clean our system for lighter ways of being. Humanity needs to rise to this challenge. Unplug, break the chains of oppression and breathe new life into our world. 

The matrix confuses us, depresses us, frightens and poisons us. It’s time to push back, to step into the light, to stand up, vote and be counted. 

We are service to others. We are the red pill people, the lightworkers, the new earth warriors and we will raise the vibrations on Gaia with love light frequency. 

We will ride tidal waves of recalibration balanced and strengthened, embrace our right to freedom, peace and abundance. Teach yourself the language of the matrix, deprogramme yourself and your children. 

The future is ours to create and we will create it with courage, commitment and compassion. This is our planet and it’s time to take it back. 

Channel the force beautiful people, keep the love vibration powered up, pulsating out into the universe with every heart beat. We can do this, we know how to do it, we are earth warriors and we will save this planet with truth, human decency and love. 

Mantra: I know my truth, I share my truth, I am my truth. 

Meditation: We call upon all Jedi Knights, the light warriors, we are with you. We use the Force to raise the vibrations on Gaia together. Namaste.


2 thoughts on “Calling all Jedi Knights ”

  1. Indeed. World 5.0 expresses a similar sentiment. It is through the recognition that we are all here together in Life, always, and that the great internal decision we constantly make between fear and Love is what controls our destiny.

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