Portals open triggering third eye activation

Earth warriors, lightworkers portals are open, portals of higher frequencies, fifth dimension and beyond, creating a tidal wave of lighter vibrational energy washing over Gaia. Connectedness to guides and higher self will become clearer, we will feel, see, hear their presence, their guidance and their love. Call soul tribe on this earthly plane, to you. Meditate love frequency, inner calm, outer peace. Be mindful. Stay balanced. 

Rest and self care are paramount. If you are experiencing persistent disturbed sleep, waking up at the same time 3.33 4.44 1.23 you are already deep in recalibration. Don’t be afraid to rest through the day, to find some quiet time, turn everything off and simply be. Our bodies are restructuring, our minds are expanding and our souls are waking up. We are coming online as quantum beings. This takes a huge amount of energy. Stay hydrated. 

Flu like symptoms can be experienced when our upper chakras are being activated. Stuffy noses, headaches, aches and pains, heaviness of limbs, sore throats, coughs, earache and dizziness are symptoms of karmic release. We can feel down, depressed, fed up and upset. This is a transition, a letting go of the old to make way for the new. Be aware of your energy field, what or who resonates with you, avoid people or places you feel averse to. Be kind to yourself. Minimise what you have to do. Don’t worry or freak out, this will pass and surges of energy will follow, where we are uber efficient, calm and focused. Allow this experience, embrace it and welcome upgrades.

The wave of intense recalibration we are engulfed in is activating our third eye chakra. The veils are thinning between worlds. Heightened awareness of fluctuations in time, dimensional slippage, glitches in the matrix are experienced. Shadows in the corner of our eye take form, have a resonance we sense and respond to. This is fifth dimension third eye sight.

Release fear and embrace expansion of our consciousness. As we step into our authentic selves, we shed layers of protective karmic armour. Speaking about other dimensions, other lifetimes, other lifeforms. We learn to speak energy as a language, as everything by unplugging from matrix algorithms, behaviours, thought patterns. Be different, be unusual, say and do things that challenge the status quo. This is our mission. To cause ripples, make waves, challenge, heal and share. Breathe, release, protect, shield up. We are all in this together. Safe surfing beautiful people.

Mantra: I connect to my higher self in gratitude and humility.
I ask my higher self to clear and power up my energy field, protecting me from all lower frequencies.
I am who I am supposed to be, I am where I am supposed to be, I am ready to change all that no longer serves to my highest purpose. Namaste.
#earthwarrior #truth #culturalprogramming #betheglitchinthematrix #cosmicsurfing

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