Is it an odd orb, a miniature ufo, or a portal to alternate dimensions?!

My phone camera caught this last night. I’ve filmed orbs and ufos but never anything like this before. It was not visible to the naked eye. I felt calm and unthreatened. This is an edit, the full clip is 3 and half minutes long. It felt like I was being observed. It was allowing me to observe it through my phone screen. The colours made me think of chakra energy, especially the blue, indigo and violets. I meditated mantras of protection and was assured by my guides it meant me no harm. The veils are thinning friends. Namaste

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6 thoughts on “Is it an odd orb, a miniature ufo, or a portal to alternate dimensions?!”

  1. I felt special excitement at the moment of seeing the end discs, with a column of light flowing between. Reminds me of doing light body visualization. Perhaps the colors are a message code.

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  2. I, literally, have learned about lens flare orbs in the past week. I decided to take ghost-documenting courses.
    Then, read your beautiful article on In5d, decide to learn more about you, and see this.
    Click on the video, and for the first 30 seconds or so believe, sadly, it’s a lens flare.
    Then realize the orb isn’t moving with your camera, your camera is moving to capture it.
    Then the real show started and my heart blew open.
    Holy goodness, thank you for sharing this, what a gift you were given, proof of your connection to something else.
    Much love, and again, I am so grateful you posted this. The Universe keeps showing me, leading me, constantly having my back. Only my blocks/ego allow the doubt. Big hugs

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