Energy Update, solar storms and the Plaeidians

Feeling exhausted, no energy, no motivation? You’re not alone! Many indigo and light warriors are reporting these symptoms. We are being bombarded with solar flares, photon blasts of high frequency energy coming through and surrounding us. A great cosmic tidal wave of light is on its way, this is the beginning of it. Hold onto your surfboards people it’s going to get rocky (more on this coming soon). 

Light warriors are also reporting increased astral activity of a threatening nature. In dreamstate and in this dimension. Love is our protection, our shield and our weapon. To stay in love vibration and keep protection a priority at all times is the way to peacefully send them away. 

Mantras: I ask my higher self, guides and ascended beings of light to protect me from all lower frequencies and vibrations. I thank you all for your love guidance and protection, in humility and with grace. Namaste.

Gregg Prescott at in5d has reported the Pleidians have assumed control of humanities accelerated evolution. They have the most genetic material seeded in humanity and are infinitely caring, compassionate and kind towards us and the plight of Gaia. This is good news friends.

More will follow on what is happening and how to manage it. In love and light always cosmic brothers and sisters πŸ™


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