awakening5dhealing website and YouTube channel coming soon.

Hello lovely 5dhealing people 🙏. A little update from me… 

I will be posting Guided Meditations online thanks to the wonderful Angelo at Our first collaboration should be with you soon 🤗. 

I’m also knee deep in creating my website! You will find posts, archived from my WordPress blog, as well as guided meditations (planned for 2018), and my alwayslookup videos. As well as detailed information about one to one online healing services I offer. Distance reiki, energy healing, awakening guidance, crystal healing, starseed tarot consultations, crystal pendulum channelling, starseed and light warrior healing, protection and guidance.

Big 5dhealing plans beautiful people! Thankyou for your love through 2017 💚. You’ve shown me I’m not alone on this crazy, cosmic, quantum roller coaster ride 🤗😍🙏! One love cosmic brothers and sisters 🙏🤗😙

#peaceispossible #gratitude #gaiahealing #awakening5dhealing


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