Pronoia: the belief that everything in the universe is conspiring in our favour

Love this meme! As a fully paid up ‘conspiracy theorist’ for many years I have been accused of PARAnoia often. Accusations of paranoia wobbled me, triggering self doubt and negativity. I would question what my eyes told me, what my heart told me, and what my soul told me about the injustices of our world. I went deep undercover, adopted stealth mode, to protect myself. All of this has changed for me. Spiritual awakening has propelled me on a journey of quantum awareness. Using meditation and self care to manage and minimise fear, insecurities and stress has transformed my life. Vastly increased sensory connectivity to the natural world has grounded me into this lifetime. The more I embed myself in mindfulness through gratitude, use mantras to set my vibration, the more aware I become of our innate ability to manifest. PROnoia describes perfectly how I now feel about my experience of reality.

Recently I was asked by a client if I am a religious person. Identifying as a recovering Catholic, with emotional scars from a childhood of Jesuit priests, guilt and fear rhetoric, I now see myself as a deeply spiritual person. I strive to stay connected to universal love frequency at all times. Self care, meditation, mindfulness and mantras are the tools of my spirituality. I surrender to higher vibratory fields of light and love. I consciously read my energy, adapting and adjusting my mindset to try and maintain high frequency equilibrium. Working to stay hyper aware of my mind body soul system, my world has transformed. Nature speaks to me. My gut instincts are stronger and I listen and act accordingly. My psychic abilities have increased. Reiki and meditation have zapped me into the fifth dimension and I love it here!

The internet has given us a lifeline to reach others unconvinced by the established narratives. A vast library of research at our finger tips, we are now able to burrow down rabbit holes that resonate, and draw our own conclusions. We can communicate, share and discuss with each other outside our immediate communities. In the spirit of tribal cyber connectivity I’m sharing a little personal story with my 5dhealing peeps. I have pronoia! When I maintain self care, meditate and stay in love frequency I have the increasing sense the universe is working with me. We are becoming one. I feel connected, reassured, loved and protected all the time. I am more nourished and joyful than I have ever been.

Big cosmic thankyou to all of you who have shared my journey to expansive consciousness here and on the web. Your likes, comments, shares and messages mean soooooo much. 2018 is the year for coming out my little world and sharing more healing and what I have learnt. Watch out for posts about online awakening workshops and one to one healing. If you have any ideas of what or how you would like me to reach out further, comment or message me. Guided meditations are in the pipeline as well!

Here’s to Pronoia, long may it continue! In love and light cosmic brothers and sisters 🤗😊🙏🏻.


I share love, I receive love, I am love

I surrender to universal love vibration under the protection of my higher self.

I am grateful, I am humble, I am grounded. Namaste x


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