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Scorpio Full Moon Transformation Destruction and Creation

Those of us familiar with the Scorpio personality know it is intense! We started feeling this Scorpio pink full moon some days ago and the effects will last for a few days. Cosmically Scorpio indicates root chakra alignment. Reach out to those who we love and let them know. Accept that we may feel extra sensitive at this time. Raw emotions may be triggered exposing deeper layers of emotional baggage ripe for release. Old fears that we have forgotten may be disturbed and experienced. It’s important to stay in love frequency. To make ourselves connect to positive algorithms of thought and feeling. To stop our minds, our ego or inner child repeating negativity. ‘I’m not good enough’ can be transformed using positive reinforcement mantras,
‘I am who I am.
I am doing my best.
I accept who I am.
I accept mistakes I may have made.
I love myself.’
We can retrain our brain. We break up negative programming making us feel inadequate. Mantras are a path to inner calm and self care.

Key to Scorpio full moon is destruction and creation. To begin something new we must experience an ending. To change or transcend fear we face the root causes head on and Let. Them. Go. This is surrender and realignment. We loosen our bodies. The spaces that hold our fear, our greed, hatred, envy, bitterness or anger are relieved of these hard nuggets of dense energy. Follow through emotional release with physical stretching, yoga or exercise. Let our bodies breathe it out.

To create we must first destroy. The Tower card in the Tarot is indicated by Scorpio full moon. We may feel foundations we have built our lives on are crumbling. Those fundamental structures in our lives constructed from false religions or politics or cultural conditioning that offer no true strength. They may well give us structure through rules and regulation, expectation and punishment, conformity and pressure. None of this is good for us. Our inner strength comes from knowing who we are. Not who we are told to be. Be brave. Be calm. Be kind to yourself. We are all programmed to varying degrees. We all have to unplug by examining what is genuinely nourishing and what is based on fear. Scorpio moon is highlighting this element of awakening.

We may be experiencing vivid dreams of destruction, waking up upset and exhausted. There is metaphor in these dreams and also release. Make peace with images left swirling around our brains in waking hours. Accept what we have seen, even if it’s scary. Not everything we see or experience in dream state is literal or predictive or ancestral. Metaphorical imagery representing chaos and escape help us to energetically acknowledge our inner world. We can have profound insights from metaphorical dreaming. Meditation allows us to enter dream state consciously. We can ask for guidance and direction. We can use language as a tool to indicate our wants and needs. As a tool to activate new neurological pathways of positivity. Speaking in our heads during meditation allows us to hear our true voice, not the heavily programmed ego or our ancestral neuroses. We take control of our energetic being when we formulate our needs in our heads. We are exercising our free will. We are owning our sovereignty.

To reinstate our power as free thinking beings we must first destroy all that controls us. Whether it is the matrix controlling us or individuals abusing our sovereignty, Scorpio full moon is going to illuminate the root causes of control. Globally we are seeing fast shifts in power plays. All the nasty dictators are showing their hands, each trying to whip up more power through fear than the other. As global citizens, as warriors of Gaia, as bearers of light we are here to break out of low vibratory fields maintained by the matrix. We can do this by resetting our thinking to positive over and over again until the new grooves begin to stick.

We can acknowledge that the threat of nuclear war has been a constant since 1945, nothing new there. Release. They’ve been threatening us with nuclear meltdown for a long time. Remember? It is a genuine threat but its an old threat, one we have lived with all our lives. The current mainstream media drama that the internet and social media are a threat to our security, is gaslighting. Mainstream media is the true threat. The world wide web can be used, just like everything else, for good or bad, positive or negative. Our internal vibration dictates how we interact with everything in our environment. The internet is a force for social connectivity, communication, revolution and evolution. It brings a beleaguered people together, shrinking the globe, exposing the small number of global elite pulling the strings. Release the fear. Data tracking, storage and usage is also being thrown in our faces as a source of fear. Using our data to influence our thinking online is a very real tool of the cabal. Just as television and advertising are used for mass mind control so they are trying to apply the same technologies to the internet. The key difference being we can hit exit anytime. We can use the internet as a vast library. We can educate ourselves about how they programme using colour, word, symbol and repetition conditioning. Fear, fear, fear to keep us low and vulnerable.

We hold the dial to our sovereign being. We choose what to let in and what to block, reject or say no to. Be canny, cautious and careful just like the Scorpio. Listen to your gut and heart. Deprogramme by embracing only the positive, by looking for the love, by being compassionate. This is the creation part. Creating spaces of love in our energetic being and rolling them out into places where fear and darkness roam. Create a new path of higher frequencies with compassion and gratitude. Explore who you are, the mysteries and magic in our being. Be prepared for unusual mystical events. Be open to the unexplained, the esoteric, the ethereal and angelic. Synchronicities will talk to us, listen. Bathe in full moon beauty, face the darkness and illuminate it with our own light. Scorpio can enlighten and transform us. Meditate love frequency cosmic surfers โ˜ฎโ˜ฏ๐ŸŒš๐ŸŒŠ๐Ÿ„


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