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Energy Update Shifts, Blocks and Upgrades

Waves of high frequencies, streaming through our atmosphere, penetrating deep into our cellular beings are upgrading us. Igniting our energetic chakra system with high voltage vibrations. Huge shifts in the energetic atmosphere are occurring. Long held blocks are disappearing. Walls constructed long ago are falling away. Persistent delays and obstacles are lifting, breaking apart. Energetic bridges are being built, connections made, resonance is being acted upon. We are being freed to go with the flow of universal love frequencies. We are catapulting forward as the blocks are lifted. Relax and ride waves of zen bliss. Slow down. Tune into mind, body and spirit. High frequencies transform us from the inside, out. Breathe into the waves friends, as expansion of our mind body soul being transforms our world.

Upgrades are activating our heart, solar plexus and root chakras. Upgrades require a lot of energy. As each strand of DNA comes online, cellular transformation rolls out through our whole being. Listening to our bodies helps us manage upgrades. Energetic release, the shift, can be felt in our heart chakra. When our heart chakra expands we can feel palpitations, fluttering, tremors in the centre of our chest. Waves of happiness and joy wash over us, emanating from our heart chakra. Root chakra expansion is the release of long held blocks fuelling core confidence, authenticity and inner strength. Old memories will come back some joyful, others painful. Indulge in the positive flashbacks and own the emotions of the negative. Own and then release. Accept and forgive ourselves. I am who I am.

Core strength, gut intuition and a sense of direction come from our solar plexus. The powerhouse of our being. Physical symptoms of solar plexus and root chakra activation can be experienced. Nausea, stomach pains, cramps, sensitivity to foods, loss of appetite, cravings, tiredness, lower back pain, IBS symptoms and disturbed sleep can occur as our inner being realigns with our outer being. Stay hydrated and take naps to compensate for disturbed nights. Like waves, awakening symptoms will come and go. Alignment of our lower chakras with our heart chakra allows high voltage pulses of lighter frequencies flowing through our systems. We experience spontaneous lightness in limbs, movement and thought as our energetic systems come online. We are connected at once to our bodies and to the universe.

Learning to go with energies as they flow around and through us is rooted in self care. We can feel inspired, efficient and motivated one day and then lost, tired and unmotivated the next. We are not robots. We are not 3d avatars, cogs in the matrix wheel of work work work. We are human. Being human means having an emotional spectrum that is not only vast and complex but also integral to our energetic wellbeing and evolution. Understanding we inhabit levels of vibrations helps us to listen to our mindbodyspirit systems. We tune into our own frequencies and turn down the volume on the matrix. We are better able to respond to our environment in a calm manner. We can’t always be what others expect us to be. We can’t always be what we expect ourselves to be. Recognising we are part of a greater picture enables us to slow down. This life is not the only life we get. We gain reassurance from connecting with our guides and higher self in meditation and healing.

As a people we are experiencing profound changes. Our DNA has been activated and more strands are coming online making us lighter beings. We are releasing denser energies that keep us rooted in the third dimension. Globally we are waking up. Politically we are waking up. Individually we are waking up. We are unplugging from the matrix, raising our cellular vibration to higher wavelengths. We can be floored with awe and joy at the vastness of love vibration, the never-ending, infinite extent love has. Meditation will flow. Nature will talk to us. We will see beauty, wonder and magic. The energetic blocks many of us have had are lifting. Embrace the shift. Trust instincts and synchronicities. The fifth dimension is calling beautiful people. Take the reigns friends. Listen to our gut instincts. Go where flow takes us. Follow the signs left by guides, tune into higher self in meditation. Quieten the world and turn up the volume on our hearts. We rewire our mindbodyspirit beings when we fearlessly embrace love. Love is revolution. Love is evolution. Love is the fifth dimension. Peace.


I am a being of light connected at all times to universal love frequency.

I share love, I receive love, I am love.

I accept i am who I am.

I love who I am.

I am grateful for the love and joy in my life.

I ask my higher self for protection in love light. Namaste.


3 thoughts on “Energy Update Shifts, Blocks and Upgrades”

  1. Thank you Morag for sharing so freely from your heart. I absolutely adore your posts, they resonate powerfully, inspire me no end and keep me focused on what truly matters. Indeed, I am blissfully following along in your wake. I write poetry and in return I wish to share a couple with you.
    Love, Hugs and Blessings
    Leo, the Azlan Man
    No Longer on the Battlefield.
    No longer on the battlefield
    From higher ground my vision yields
    I see the chaos down below
    Upon this scene my love does flow
    For I myself was once there to
    Embroiled in drama this is true
    But came the day I’d had enough
    I couldn’t face lives bitter cup
    I screamed and cursed, I cried and prayed
    My inner child awoke dismayed
    The goddess hugged my forlorn child
    Infused the love I was denied
    She kissed my tears, she calmed my tide
    She swept my dreams of fear aside
    The goddess now’s become my bride
    I feel her presence from inside
    My love filled eyes now see the truth
    I have no need of further proof
    No longer on the battlefield
    I’ve buried both my sword and shield.
    My Treasure
    I’ve finally found my treasure
    I truly had to dig,
    For in the most surprising place
    securely it was hid
    For I was searching outside
    but much to my surprise,
    I always had it with me
    for I carried it inside
    My heart it is the portal
    that opened to my soul,
    And to get it to emerge
    now this became my goal
    My soul was very shy
    for my ego always reigned,
    So to get to see it’s face
    I really had to change
    I organized my life
    so I could be alone,
    No TV or a radio
    or a telephone
    For spending time in solitude
    it was the only way,
    For only in the silence
    does the soul return to play
    Slowly from the shadows
    my soul it did emerge,
    I felt within my body
    such a power surge
    An ancient song remembered
    by my soul I have been kissed,
    We’re so entwined together now
    that neither do exist
    My lives no longer ruled
    by the shiny claims of men,
    For now I’ve found my treasure
    I can’t be fooled again.
    Leo x

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    1. Thankyou for sharing your beautiful poetry 💚 both poems moved me 🌻. I have a blog on Facebook please feel free to share your poetry on my wall awakening5dhealing. Thankyou for your lovely comment. You are a fearless love filled soul who understands where we go to find our true selves. Please keep spreading your unique take on this incredible cosmic journey 🏄 in light and love friend 🤗😊🙏🏻


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