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Self Care and Sovereignty

Get off the hamster wheel. Kick back from the rat race. Stop running. Be still. Recuperate. Rest. Realign. The glorification of busy in the West is a tool of oppression, preventing us from resonating with truth. Authentic experiences and people in our lives get missed as we run to keep up, compete and conform. Be creative. Commune with nature. Breathe. We are here to be present in our lives. Worrying about deadlines, meetings or managers is counterproductive to our wellbeing. Surrendering to the flow is key to breaking out of the mousetrap maze the matrix locks us into. Gently pulling back on the accelerator. Slowing our lives down.

Setting priorities based on soul nourishment not what our heavily programmed ego wants us to do. Our ego is the voice of negativity in our head. Programmed and conditioned to hold us back karmically, our ego will have us running our whole lives. Running from our past. Running headlong into our future. Never stopping to be in the moment. To connect our senses to our environment. Being mindful means calming our ego down. Reassure your ego, everything is fine. Work to gain perspective. To zoom out and appreciate the bigger picture. Feel, hear, smell and integrate with our present. Look around. Climb out of our head and back into our bodies. Open our hearts and nurture our spiritual selves.

Become aware of triggers. Recognise negative emotions and find ways to accept them. Don’t allow negativity free reign to dictate our perception of reality. Be grounded and expansive by surrendering to the moment. Release tension across our chest, shoulders and back with exercise, breathing and meditation. Open the heart chakra physically to encourage energetic flow. Self care is spiritual awakening. Self care is seeing when we are not valued, or when we are not valuing ourselves and switching up to self love. Recognising we are more than hamsters in a wheel, mice in a maze. We are sovereign beings. We have mind, body and soul trinity to take care of in this lifetime. We are organic beings of light. Self respect and self love are the order of the day. Do as much as you can and then draw a line in the sand. I stop, I rest, I connect with my present. We are here to experience this lifetime. Engage, create, be joy and be love beautiful people, in love and light πŸ™πŸ»


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