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Jupiter’s Retrograde, Wellbeing and the Event

Poverty and war destroy lives every single day. Trafficking, drug wars, arms deals and fascism are the currency of deep state global political economics. Understandably the need for, anticipation of, or fear of an Event is taking over the awakened world. Our conditioned ignorance and despair are being taken advantage of. For some the hope, or expectation of a great Event gets them through, for others it is the cause of anxiety and confusion. As a community, awakened or waking up, we are literally steeped in disinformation, deception and distrust. Trolls hype up the fear. Ghosts steal others work and twist it just enough to inject fear into love. Images pummel our poor minds with horror and traumatise us with anxiety and fear. By turning down the volume on rhetoric, visuals and mainstream media lies, and turning up the dial on energy, we can navigate deep, sticky, dark and dense frequencies.

My guides and the Arcturian Council of Twelve tell me 24th June is an important date, yet I approach this with caution. Do we need another date to get worked up about? I share this with you from an authentic space of love and service, with no wish to cause alarm, crank up the fear or create drama. My energy resonates with an Event that is already happening. We are knee deep in evolutionary upgrades, recalibration of a people and their planet. From a cosmic perspective earth years are an unknown quantity of quantum time. To respond to predictions, visions or dreams of an Event in a linear way is to expect Earth time to apply. I believe we have been in the Event for some time and will continue to be so for quite some earth-time to come. I share 24th June to encourage self love, meditation and healing on this date.

Depravity knows no boundaries, it relishes chaos, welcomes demonic parasites and feeds off all that is good and wholesome here. Do we stick our head in the sand, complicit in apathy? Some days it seems expecting compassion is pointless. Expecting honesty, fruitless. Expecting a basic level of morality, ignorant. Leaders model behaviour. Can there be any excuses left? Survival of the fittest conditioned into the collective consciousness. Look out for number one. A world where children are bought, sold, raped, caged, neglected and abused. Where the colour of your skin defines life choices. Where misogyny is woven into the fabric of our global society. Where animals are hunted, caged, beefed up with chemicals and slaughtered. A world where the baying masses finger point, mock and demean anyone who dares to be different. Where psychopathic traits, ruthless, back stabbing, manipulative ice cold characteristics, are tirelessly promoted. Lies piled on top of lies about origin, potential and the cosmos. Violence, hate and greed determine power.

Is there room for light in a world this dark? When it all gets too much go inwards to your own light. Seek the protection and solace of angelic light. And know if these words have resonated, you are not alone. I see your light. I know there are others, dotted round the world. I warn you of dark worker activity targeting light warriors. I urge you to keep vibrations high in Higher Self protection. Use your energy antennae to guide decisions. The human senses are easily tricked, energy never lies. Isolation, depression and hopelessness are very real emotional spaces, allow it. No-one can stay positive all the time in a hostile dimension. Jupiter’s retrograde is exposing our deepest value as humans. Jupiter, the powerhouse of intellectual growth, expansion of soul, is putting the spotlight on our integrity, morality and authenticity. Step into his light, his power and allow his retrograde to pullback the lies. Be prepared for more truth.

It’s ok to want to give up, walk away and jack it all in. I cannot speak for every light visitor on planet earth but I can speak for myself. As we come to the close of Jupiter’s retrograde the lesson I am processing is stop expecting more than the people of this world can offer. Stop waking up and being destroyed by a newsfeed full of torture, tragedy and travesties. Stop expecting people to offer more than they can. Stop expecting decency, compassion or even basic manners. Maybe part of being in the light is to expect more. But we are not in a world of light here, we are in a dark world where people see the misfortune of others as a benchmark for their own success. Where emanating or mirroring the primitive behaviour of world leaders and decision makers is the norm. Where the innocent are used to service those on top.

I am aware I chose to be here. I have not lost my gratitude or my love for the beautiful, magical experiences in this lifetime. Over and over this world has taught me the lesson of lowering my expectations. And over and over my dial pops back up to positive, optimistic, hopeful and humble. So I’m owning today. I’m owning feeling like giving up. I’m accepting the horrors I have read, seen and witnessed today. I’m releasing some of this heavy, low vibration in creating this post. I am reaching out to others who resonate. I’m going to work hard at maintaining the little bubble of love I have made in my life. I’m going to keep stoking my light with self care, meditation, mindfulness and laughter. I’m not ignorant of truth. I’m not rejecting what’s out there. I will cry for those children. I will feel fury towards a system and people who allow this. I will blame and accept the inevitability of lower dimensional predators and parasites. I will do my best to be grounded in the happiness I can create.

Knowing the darkness and facing it are two different things. If there’s anything left hidden expect it to be revealed as Jupiter stages his grand retrograde exit from our lives. We will be left only with the secrets we keep from ourselves, all else will be exposed. We can wait for an Event that will not look like or feel like what we expect. Or we accept karmic transformation, an accelerated journey of upgrades, triggered by key cosmic events. Both perspectives have one thing in common, despair of the now and optimism for the future. My soul is sad today. That’s ok. High vibrations envelop negativity, hug it and make it feel better. Nothing has changed. And yet in my heart I know everything has. I send love and light out to the world. Namaste.


10 thoughts on “Jupiter’s Retrograde, Wellbeing and the Event”

  1. Thank you for sharing, dear 💖’It takes great strenght to maintain a soft heart in a cruel world.’ AnonymousPlease read this wonderful encouring articel from Taansen Fairmont Sumeru (if you wish):Planetary Transformation Will Happen In An Instant – In5D Esoteric, Metaphysical, and Spiritual Database LOVE & BLESSINGS 🦋Aluna from La Palma, Canaries
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    Teleportiert vom Paddy Telekuli und DelFidel 🐬

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  2. Yep, Thanks.
    My usual positive endeavoring has been challenged in these most recent days of incoming “energies” and high-pitch tones. My thoughts of what “ascension” were to be did not include the roller coaster of one day of zero point, then to next of extreme depression…suicidal, dark stuff. Darkness of thought I haven’t experienced in like 15+ years. Dark thoughts I thought I had left behind long ago with my achievement of enlightenment and implementing of Law of Attraction & co-creating abilities.
    This “ascension” is manifesting in ways I hadn’t expected. But ain’t that just how “God/Source” always works. I should know better by now.
    In short…you’re not the only one processing, accepting, loving, and releasing negative stuff lately.
    Secondly, I applaud you stating what I have felt lately, and which NOBODY anywhere is talking about. Which is that we shouldn’t be surprised to find this “Ascension” or “5D” or “New Earth” may not manifest quickly, or in any way so many so-called “see-ers” are predicting. More often than not the universe manifests in ways we don’t expect. So I think I wise to not get too caught up in the hype…as hopefull as I am. There is no doubt that this is new though. These incoming waves since mid March have been like nothing I’ve ever experienced. Weeks of confinement to bed processing them. But for all the hope of a crescendo and conclusion soon with 1 big “Event”? I don’t know.
    You may be correct. We could be in for a long haul. Years. I hope not though.

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    1. Great comment and thankyou. I put these energies down to Jupiter’s retrograde, which lifts soon. Agreed, since March. I felt it had to be said. Too much drama turns me away, and this Event business is getting a bit like that. Who knows?! Stay safe, stay in love vibration and stay online brother 🏄💚🙏🏻

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  3. I’ve gradually given up on the news cycle since late 2016, after 15 years of being a news junky and ‘conspiracy researcher’. I’ve realized that the best thing I can do to help in this world is to shine a light as brightly as I can, and I’ve observed that light burns dim when the heart is ever heavy with the cares of a hurting world. I continue to hold space in my heart for all those who suffer. But I also choose each day to care for myself by filling my mind and environment with beauty, harmony, thoughts of peace, love and healing. Energy goes where attention flows, so I try to focus my attention on healing and restoration. Only when we really love and care for ourselves can we truly and purely love and care for others.

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