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Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse meditation

Guided Meditation honouring the blood moon and lunar eclipse by Morag at awakening5dhealing.

Namaste x

1 thought on “Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse meditation”

  1. ..So my life a spiritual science Experiment ..
    …..Balance …..

    Kind of long but
    Mabey this will help you I’m like
    18 again ..constant energy .
    I sleep mabey 6 hrs a night …
    And pain free ..

    Body Mastery thru Christ Consious
    Breath the sacred breath inhale thru one nostril exkale with the other several times then switch nostrils ..If you can get to a state of calm close your Eyes and listen to whatever comes Thank God For all that you are blessed with in life .but you are ready to go further ……
    Ask Jesus to help open
    Chakras energy centers activating your
    Kundalini to hold more light for the earth.. let go of stagnation and the trash we let in daily ..

    Open your mind ground your self bare foot to our Mother Earth
    Try this thing It may help you or a friend . Always live in the Now . Let go of old negative energy and wake up and be excited to share healing with other People whatever and whoever is ment to be seen or put in your path that day devine encounters of God’s sparks of others.
    Grattitude for all encounters that day ..
    Like a living meditation kind of . Noticing the now taking no Breath for granted
    Recently ..i notice a bird acting funny close call but hearing this diverted the situation .. .. we can stay in this set of mind thru conscious noticing our own Reality. Of the Now. Unconditional love for all
    See a bug say it’s name …Breath in thier faces exhale thier name or a flower a tree a animal exhale the word ..And if you live in the Now only what you notice you can breath in past ancestors ..see where there energy resides in your body rub it melt it and forgive ..renew thru christ consiousness energys I have to much fun with this now ..i will never be bored again so many words go right in your heart my grandbabies as well breath it in on inhale with exhale the word mabey under your breath nice and slow see where that word lands what at send healing energies from yourself to all you encountered that day … I body meditate and try balance my Kundalini it’s our Spiritual channels aka qui channels the trash can of our body these are crazy energies coming in now and all this retrograde and celestial events lunar solar …disclosures of events coning soon and all this hate and uproar fed down our throats. .sorry I’m guilty as well and we are all off… it’s a time of clearing and renewal
    I love you all
    .. Set on your foot if you can this is to activate the lower Qui. Now every part of your body leads to three. ..This is my secret now im gonna share with you all.. Inhale as deep as you can focus on this spot that pains make you feel uncomfortable blocked areas or whatever Your putting Your inhale into this spot ..Think of it as you inhale see what lymph node air spots that hold this pain you are in this exhale … Your the Right side of your Neck is your outer left hip …how strange .. the spots you feel try to hold that muscle try to breath into this.and the next spot hold this muscle and the next as well to help you conscious think of this the reflex point for consiousness is under the nose Now focus and Inhale into it put your hand onto this spot exhale and focus all your exhale rub In a spiral as much as you can during ..try to produce a cough …Blockages removed by Connecting to my Body becoming aware that your body waits for your commands
    not let it do however and only live in your head and hope our bodies keep up ..I eat just as much crap as always ..whenever I am hungry Mt dew as well as you
    We have trillions of parts to our DNA..but we only use 20 %
    What if you can open up these shadow areas of our own DNA…..Plus it builds muscle ..u wouldn’t believe just setting and Breathing focusing air in touching my Upper arm massaging and consius pumping iron my muscles are big ..gun show lol .
    Belly Dancing..with muscles I never had before till now a word or a face had it blocked breathing into them activated them my Chair..
    Body ,mind,and Spirit ..
    I found my Zin….
    I hope you take any of these
    And make your routine ..
    Being in the time for sadness or negativity to set in
    Thru body commands ..Take back our health like the ancestors did …
    Before we became lab rats as a culture it’s not right ….
    Demand that our President tears down this wall ….
    So much hidden from us and he us shining the light thru that bull .
    Still a smoker
    It has led me to my journey ..
    God bless you all
    I’m no Dr ..just living Proof

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