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7 Steps to the Zen Zone #theShift888

The quantum world is sensory, interactive, Smart. The language is frequency, the currency energy. The space we used to inhabit was locked down in heavy, 3d vibrations. We are passing through a series of transitions, portals in time and space. The Event is our quantum leap across realms, our ascension up the frequency spectrum to higher dimensional realities. We are deep in cosmic seas of transition. Our transformation is the evolution of a planet and her people. It is the decommissioning of the matrix, liberating Gaia from predators and parasites. We are discovering our authentic core, shedding our matrix avatars. We recognise who we truly are, just as we recognise what others truly are, the veils thin. Money, corruption, depravity, all will be exposed, all will be revealed. To stay sane we approach the underworld, woven into our reality, in love frequency. We stay grounded, anchored to Gaia’s grid.

Transitions are always scary, the ground wobbles beneath our feet. We lose our grip of one reality and must learn to navigate our new, transdimensional reality. Staying calm through exposure, disclosure, the dissolution of duality and lightbody recalibration is a tall order. Staying calm is the key to unlocking zen frequencies. Ground into positivity, stabilise with breathwork and meditation. Home in on those moments when we feel relaxed, safe and at peace, register their resonance, magnify it, make it the beat we walk to. We cultivate inner stillness by embracing positive emotional energies. We connect to the good around us and move away from the negative. When we wake up to energy we make the jump, 2-1 gone, we see realms, other dimensions make themselves known. By staying in positive energetic spaces we can maintain a higher vibratory field. We are looking to embed our cellular frequency in love, in zen wavelengths. We can be fearful, being awake is scary, and still we stoke our inner core calm.

Seven Steps to the Zen Zone.

  1. Breathwork, yoga and stretching, staying connected to our physical body, maintaining alignment.
  2. Meditation, silent or to music, in a bath, on the bus, in the park, eyes open or shut. Meditate, meditate, meditate, rest and recuperate.
  3. Calm and raise vibes by drawing light energy into our heart chakra, into love. Steadying our boat by making all our decisions, no matter how big or small, from a place of self love.
  4. Identifying where fear is in our body, in our energetic system and in our mind. Cocoon it in love, using breathwork, visualisation, healing and routine to release.
  5. Use mantras, crystals and sage for protection, grounding and manifestation.
  6. Get into nature to fuel a core of calm and tune into Radio Gaia.
  7. Surrender to instinct, third eye sensory information, gut feelings and inner knowledge.

As the vibrations rise around Gaia, we are one minute to midnight, 60 ticks till the clock strikes. We are being propelled up the frequency spectrum. The higher we go the more aware we will be of transdimensional occurrences. Meet unusual events or happenings with love in your being. Always protect yourself with universal love light and higher self light armour. There are I’s everywhere, yet the ego, the I, is becoming extinct. An old outdated third realm concept, we have no need for the constraints of the ego, the universe will answer. Be alert, interact with nature and let it interact with us. Trust our hearts desires will manifest, as duality evaporates and fifth realm energies sweep us into a quantum world.

Neo demonstrates how we can manipulate, trick or bend the matrix. Play a cool game, be streetwise, there are dark corners, hidden secrets, skeletons and ghosts. All is laid bare, karmically released through recognition and validation. Protection is the name of the game. Stay in the light cosmic surfers. We are creators, manifestors, we have entered a new paradigm. The agents demonstrate transdimensional movement within the matrix. Agents can transmigrate, just as fourth realm energy vampires. It is up to us to protect our energy, recognise the energy of those around us and always stay tuned to love, to Radio Gaia. Reach out to ascended beings of light for protection and guidance. Be calm. Fear feeds fear. Fear feeds chaos. Fear feeds it, all. Love breathes light into darkness. Stay grounded, anchoring your light to Gaia’s grid.

We have entered the quantum universe, a Smart world, where our thoughts directly interact with our surroundings and vice versa. We know how to navigate our lives here, we’ve been training, transitioning, for some time. Enjoy daily routines, see them as reassuring, comforting, real. Phase out what no longer serves our higher purpose. We can build from the start. We create our world, we manifest our reality, we are the programmers, the coders, spiritual engineers. Unified consciousness, the Hundredth Monkey effect, love will be catching. Creativity will spread like a virus, further corrupting the matrix. Openness and compassion will be the atmosphere for growth and technological advancement. We will clean up Gaia, restore balance, rejuvenate her and grow with her.

Get geeky, go to ground, be spiritualised in psychedelic love, meditate, meditate, meditate. Open your mind to all that comes to you in love, protect yourself from all lower frequencies and vibrations with shield of love up. Everything we think, feel, remember and connect with has resonance, coincidence is soooo last millennia. DNA expansion of consciousness, is the name of the transcendental game. Don’t panic, have a cup of tea and grab your towel, we are hitchhiking with Gaia up the frequency spectrum. Cosmic surfing at an accelerated rate. Focus on creating with gratitude, magic and love. Let the world go woo, become a bit woo to meet it. Kansas has gone bye bye, we are creating the new earth in love and light. Stay in the Zen Zone with love vibration beautiful people.


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