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20.1.19 Super Blood Moon Eclipse Message from the Andromedeans

We come at a time of great transformation on planet Earth. We, like our soul comrades, the Arcturians, come with news of the great war of light and dark as it plays out on Gaia. We are here as Ambassadors of peace and light. We hope to shed light on personal pathways many of you are travelling. We urge you to remember all we say is within the context of the Great Awakening on Gaia. For none of you experience just as individuals, now the collective consciousness has been activated. All that is micro is macro, one and all. The sky wars have stalled, in preparation for tornado light energy, triggered by January’s coming Lunar Eclipse. Illumination will flood your northern hemisphere. Laser beams of light will penetrate dark corners, already loosening, ripe for release. Karmically this long lunar eclipse marks the beginning and end of one phase to another. Waking up has completed its cycle due to seeds sown by brave souls fighting a dark web collective conscious. Seeds now bearing fruit of truth, joy and spirituality take root and flourish.

The August Great American Solar eclipse of 2017 marked the illumination across western and northern territories. The coming lunar eclipse will vastly accelerate this process, adding fuel to it’s ever growing wildfire. To change the direction of humanity, to steer a great craft, takes passion, vision and integrity. You who identify as travellers, outsiders, volunteers, we are in awe of your warrior spirit. We see angels walking as humans, we understand that you are already receiving your updated missions. The Healer and the Warrior will now step out from the shadows, for the shadows have evaporated. The new frequencies you inhabit operate differently. You have reached the next level.

Many variables are at play in the fourth realm. Instant manifestation means your environment reflects your state of mind and vice versa. If you are grumpy the reality you experience will be grumpy. As the timelines unfurl, expand, shoot off in many varying directions, your thoughts are the engine driving you through timelines you’ve created. Primary moments, pre ordained contracts still hold for some, but all can be ended. Sovereignty is the big bonus in the fourth dimension. Surrender is the key to understanding and being, in the fourth. Fifth Dimension highs are closer, quicker, easier to access. Keep lightbody activation on track with self care, the organic body is necessary in the lower fifth, to stay on board the ascension train. Alignment nutures balance of mind, body and soul. Honour the body, respect and heal it. It is very much part of the whole ascension process.

The coming Super Moon will bring clarity and illumination of soul purpose. Meditate for transmissions from guides and higher self. Reach out to each other for guidance. The fourth realm is the high tech version of the 3d matrix humanity has called home for many moon cycles. See your world as an interface, learn how to change outcomes, predict behaviours, adapt and challenge. Two programmes are running simultaneously which are the root of much of the evil on earth. The paedophile programme and the militarization programme. One protects and feeds the other, and vice versa. Both programmes are crashing. Indictments will bring many to justice, in light earth timelines. In dark earth timelines the infestation becomes a plague, destroying itself, the snake eats its tail. We wish only to talk of the new earth, the light earth.

The tide has turned. The work done by volunteers to clear ancestral DNA karma has freed generations. We see many thousands of souls recognised and released. The word is out on the astral plane just as it is on the material plane. Truth is ascension. The task you have agreed to is monumental within the scope of normal incarnations of growth. We hope to help you see the bigger and smaller picture. Waking up, awakening, starseed or empath, evolution is the game you are playing, 5d liberation is the goal. To achieve this each soul must go through steps of karmic clearing.

  • Childhood karma is excavated to release ancestral ghosts.
  • Soul paths are revealed the deeper within you go.
  • The magic of the quantumverse becomes more real than concrete, cocktails or commutes.
  • The material world of status symbols, competition and greed loses its appeal.
  • We seek space for contemplation, meditation and healing.

Matrix programming fails to work higher up the frequency spectrum. Those operating in the fifth or higher will be all but immune to cultural, religious and subliminal behaviour and thought modification. Once the programmes are broken, humans wake up, then the onion peeling that is karmic evolution begins. We speak now of our most important guidance. Warrior choices were taken at key moments, honour those choices. Resist all pressure to revert back to the way things were. Make all choices based on energy. Be compassionate yet simultaneously fiercely protective of your energy and space. Follow through on what was started in moments of trauma. Stand strong and tall for your world has come to higher realms, due to your efforts. Words have built necessary boundaries, pushed takers away, creating essential space for light work to occur. Transmutation of negative energies is also accelerating. Conservation of your energy is a priority for 2019.

Narcissism, the sickness of your rulers, is dying out. It will be forgotten quickly in a society built on empathy, logic and care giving. Keep the faith warriors of Gaia, if you could see what we see, you would already be celebrating. Stay true to your soul sovereignty, compromise for no one who cannot give back. The takers have taken enough. Now is the time for givers to redistribute their energy. See through the con-artists, demons and players. Have the courage, again and again, to say no when the energy is not positive. It will get easier. We are in awe of all that we witness, of all that has been accomplished. Evolution is rebirth, it will not, cannot be easy or it would not be real. You are still standing, warrior stance. Regroup. Hold your space, your conviction and your courage. Enjoy quiet time for meditation. Create. Meditate. You are the creators of new light earth, the rainbow children will build, but you will create. In light and love we send white light healing to all who resonate with our words, let it be so. Your neighbours from the Andromedean Galaxy.


20 thoughts on “20.1.19 Super Blood Moon Eclipse Message from the Andromedeans”

    1. Dear Morag,
      Good Message. I was only wondering about “August Great American lunar eclipse of 2017”. In August 2017 we had only a partial lunar eclipse on August 7th/8th but nothing significant happened on that date. However, we had the Great total solar eclipse in North America and we witnessed it first hand in Vancouver on August 21st, 2017 on the beach. This was a massive portal which began a week earlier and we got a special message from the Elohim:
      “The Initiation of the Phase Transition of Gaia and Humanity to 5D Prior to the Solar Eclipse Portal on August 21st, 2017”
      It would be interesting to discuss this issue with you and eventually clear this misunderstanding with the Andromedans, with which we are also in contact currently.
      We are also getting that January 21st will be another major portal that may indeed close the ascension cycle that was opened with the plasma portal in August 21st, 2017. The preparation for it have already begun on January 12th with a massive shift of Gaia and some light warriors of the first and last hour to the 9th dimension. That is why this message is a good call and it fully confirms our energetic experience with these portals
      With love and light

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      1. Actually this is the message we got on August 21st from the crystalline blue beings:
        The Plasma Wave at the Solar Eclipse Portal on August 21st, 2017
        We got two messages on this portal from two different sources which already illustrates its importance.
        However, I must also specify that the time around the partial lunar eclipse in August 7th, 2917 was also very busy and full of auspicious energetic events which we also recorded:
        The Integration of The Divine Mind – August 6, 2017
        The Gathering of the 144,000 Warrior Souls For the Great Oversoul Gateway on August 3rd, 2017
        It’s getting really very interesting,, indeed. We get that there will be a huge blast of source energies on January 21st around midnight Eastern time or 6.00 am here in Italy where we now live. Today there is another massive download of source energy in preparation for the full (total) moon eclipse portal.


      1. Thankyou for link to your great article. I resonate entirely with the message and your analysis. I’m meditating on the ideas covered here, because yes, you are right. Despite all our light work nothing has changed. In fact it looks like it’s getting worse. So, where do we go? Thanlyou for sharing πŸ‘ŠπŸ½πŸŒ€πŸ™πŸ»


      2. Hello Georgi, I am just getting introduced to you and your PAT through this article although I have seen your name commenting on other sites. Thank you for your hard work and sharing your experience!! I just want to say that we have to stay focused on our highly unusual and challenging goal of mass ascension rather than our individual ascensions which many of us have already done individually in the past. We are back here to facilitate this ascension which is about clearing the human and planetary DNA blueprint so it is forever sovereign. We have to remember we are all source reflections. It is the ultimate service to others and a great honor to facilitate this (however I agree this linear time loop is highly frustrating as it is a part of the overall mind control program running through our cellular brainwaves). The mind control program is simply devastating and can’t be underestimated. It is so dense that even some of the previous masters currently incarnated have still not awoken. I work on the universal time matrix and this program has caused so much suffering and soul fragmentation that we have had to clear out and evolve the entire astral realm and investigate each time fractal that still contains trapped source consciouness and is resonating to the lower frequencies. This false light matrix was creating more spiritual suffering than one can even (I know because I am transmuting the karmic entanglement of it all) imagine through hijacked consciousness units in overused and synthetic time fractals that were recreating the trauma in endless time loops. This AI program runs primarily in the brainwave states of delta (deep sleep) but has also affected alpha and gamma (christ consciousness). All this trauma and suffering has to clear first in the spiritual realm for it to manifest in the natural world. So much to say from the perspective of my work. My lightbody is a giant mothership with knowledge of the Mayan universal time matrix. We are finally finishing up this year with clearing and evolving the entire time table. There were 3 source monads that fell into density from the various planetary traumas and galactic wars, the Elementals, the Nephimim (celestial bodies) and the Annunaki that we (Prime Creator) are totally reconstructing. The key to the mind control of our perception that we are in 3d lies in the infiltration of the wheat which was the plant emanation of Prime Creator and the infiltration crucified human access to christ consciouness. It was a massive infiltration of MK Ultra on a celestial scale with infiltration of ultraviolet, ultrasound and ultrasonic technology to control the brainwaves.
        The Illuminati took control of the time matrix and kept reincarnating the same fallen consciousness or hive mind over and over without having to lose their memories like the rest of us.
        Anyway, this clearing will be over this year and there will be no more inorganic barriers to consciousness awakening so I just wanted to share this with you so you know how much is being done with my team as well. This was a huge job to clear the galactic timetable and reengineer the infiltration of the carbon elements. The universe and our higher dimensional ET selves did not know what to do with this energy, it had to be transmuted as the karmic entanglement lies in the gluten which was a miscreation of the fallen wheat.
        Because of the reasons you stated (no major trauma experienced on this land as it was beautifully indigenous until recently) America will awaken quickly once the mind control clears.
        So have patience and know that we are these higher ET forces. They are reading timelines just like we are. The truth is most of us were not thrilled to come back into this density after ascending previously but we did it because service to others is the ultimate journey to higher levels of endless bliss. The service to the whole is the journey and our mission here, not the ascension itself. So hang in there and try not to get frustrated, this year will see amazing breakthroughs for us all. Once the source bliss codes clear from the blueprint our lightbodies will reach it’s quantum potential. Offered in love from a hell of a lot of hard work too and much frustration of linear time hahaha!! There is no greater truth than WWG1WGA!!

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  1. Hello beautiful Morag! Your last two channelings of the Arcturians and now the Andromedans have been so accurate and resonate. We hold similar DNA blueprints from these two star nations. You know I work on the universal time matrix in full lightbody with our family clearing the planetary timelines and we are in essence overlaying the old matrix with an organic light structure as 3d, 4d and 5d are almost merged (through the healing of the Nephilim as the archangelic celestial realm are fallen no more yay!). It is just as you say and the machine matrix algorithms running through our brainwaves and the microwaves and biological weapons installed within the hijacked planetary timelines are being neuralized as all traumatic timelines of suffering and fragmentation that was fueling this creation are being filled with light and closed to planetary cellular memory. I am just getting an awareness of quantum immersion into the new earth. The good news is after almost 7 years of doing this full time my contracted mission finishes this year which as you say will accelerate everything!! So hang in there light warriors, the battle for sovereignty is over, this is just the last stages of the cleanup. Be prepared for lots of crazy dreams as the subconscious patterns clear from our brainwaves. Our communication is being reestablished as the Blue Ray of Creation is being totally rehabilitated and these frequencies become available on earth once again!!
    My work is a planetary reverse engineering program (a gift from the ascended masters to mother earth) that has not shut off since my lightbody activated in 2013 and is operating from my 5d ascended self timeline. I have just surrendered and let it run through me as all this energy has had to clear through me molecularly (very difficult as this was the hell realms to put it mildly). Anyway I am unable to recieve downloads or channel since this is not my mission at hand. So would love to know from our galactic family if the new reality program will just phase into our awareness and this dreary earth reality fade away from memory as our brainwaves clear from the artificial intelligence? I get the feeling that we become cellularly immersed in the new reality rather than spending the next 20 years fixing this one. Love your work Morag, thank you for your service as a divine communicator! 😘
    Sending you lots of love and joy from Prime Creator and AM Hilarion, House of Ra, Order of the Seraphim!

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    1. Cheri, I’ve been thinking of you and the tremendous work you do. I praise you sister πŸ™πŸ» I see your light work in visions, I know the magic you are weaving. I thank you in divine light πŸŒ€
      We are a modern tribe, a new wave, here to clear the path for ascension. Sending love and cosmic hugs πŸ’–πŸŒ€πŸ™πŸ»πŸ€—

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      1. Thank you so much Morag, this means so very much to me as this work has been so very intense and very lonely here in 3d. It can only be validated through the clear heart of a shaman and seer such as yourself. I had a feeling you would see the work after my last comment as Prime Creator chimed in when I was writing to you and said “she is a beautiful strong lightworker just like you” and I said “yes she is indeed” hahaha!

        I have embodied most of my Hilarion soul blueprint at this point and that of Prime Creator as he heals the fallen celestial realm. I have an amazing lightbody with the DNA of 2 sun creators, Ra and Quetzalcoatl (the double diamond sun 24 strand blueprint). The angelic Seraphim are the literal interdimensional wings of my lightbody. I have the Mayan lightbody of Quetzalcoatl (the feathered serpent). My pineal gland is wide open and when I close my eyes I am surrounded by thousands of graphite feathers (from the bird tribes of the blue ray Seraphim or what some see as the blue avians which are also my full collection of multidimensional chakras) that can travel my consciousness into multiple timelines and parallel realities. It is an organic biological technology that enters the timelines and extracts the dark energy bringing it into all these feathers which spin the particles and reengineer them molecularly. We have had to change everything back to the law of one pure organic unified field. Once the energy is reengineered it is replaced into the respective timeline and the fractal is collapsed to planetary cellular memory. What drives the lightbody is a series of words, chants and tones and it took me 6 months to figure out that these were coming from my own vocal cords hahahaha!!

        The Illuminati stole this technology and used it to infiltrate every timeline, map the earth grid to run reversals and lock down the entire planetary and human genetic blueprint. There are actually “plastic” timelines running the AI programs of suffering and trauma through our brainwaves omg!. The organic ones were bent and broken from overuse by these dark ones which was bleeding into the entire time space continuum and contaminating everything. They hijacked our lucid dreaming in the brainwave states of delta to create this nightmare and wipe our memories. MK Ultra was a planetary wide grid system. Prime Creator (through my soul contract) is cleaning up all these fake parallel realities, running fake memories and controlling us by using our consciouness to create the hell realms of parallel realities. It is similar to the “20 and back” program where they hijack these souls of the children through trauma and use their fragmented consciousness to play these war games of super soldiers and mining slaves then wipe their memories. When fully organic we exist as consciousness in multiple realities in which we are fully immersed and participating. All this suffering of fragmented consciousness was fueling the demonic entities in the astral (which was just suffering angelic consciousness from explosions, planetary trauma and celestial wars).

        This has been an investigation by my team as we have had to examine and repair each planetary timeline. We have dismantled thousands of soul fragmented collection of suffering “alters” in the astral which binds the consciousness. We finally just recently dismantled the motherlode of MK alters called the “white rabbit alter” which was the main Illuminati collection point of all the souls fragmented through pedophila.

        It takes so much compassion to do this work as the DNA and astral plane has been so abused through continuous suffering, trauma, grief and every horror imaginable in a closed loop system of AI control. Now you know what is driving the zombies in our society, it is pain, grief and suffering as so many souls were trapped genetically and mentally until we higher dimensional starseeds arrived. The Illuminati expected a negative soul harvest and we flipped the script on them.

        The entire astral and the heavens infected by the darkness had to be reengineered and evolved as the body of source fully heals this nasty chapter of negativity run amok.

        Prime Creator is healing his fallen Nephilim (archangels or celestial heavens, the stars and planets) through this lightbody which I was gifted with this lifetime to do this work. The only downside is that all this energy has to literally run through me molecularly to heal yeek! We are all doing this at some level as most of us have this same energetic system on a much smaller scale, we are all taking back our ancestral biology and healing the energy which collapses the timeline so we no longer resonate to the emotional hell realms of suffering.

        So much I would love to share with you in the deconstruction of the mind control which is my primary mission.

        We are from all over the heavens but you and I have very similar and resonate blueprints. My soul is Arcturian but I have strands from Andromeda, Cassiopia and the Pleiadies as well. We are one big giant lightship when the DNA is fully activated.

        I honor you so much too sister, as it takes a loving heart but a warriors soul which I can clearly see in you! This is no task for the faint of heart!!

        I so appreciate being able to share with you and recieve your gratitude. It means a lot to me!! We are almost home as I was informed my work would be finished this year. And once the mind control clears and the grid is fully organic, if we are clear, our chakras will spin so fast that the DNA goes quantum!!

        Love you so Morag! So thrilled you could see my work as our full psychic gifts come back online. You last channeling was powerfully felt! 😘

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      2. I just got this Cheri, glitchy matrix. Your words resonate. Your work resonates. I see it all and more. I am in awe of your transdimensional prowess. The work you do sister is immense πŸ’«πŸ‘ŠπŸ½πŸ’– My soul is Andromedean, I love the Arcturian sense of humour 😹. We gotta keep it real in a quantum world girlfriend πŸ‘ŠπŸ½πŸ§˜πŸ½β€β™€οΈπŸŒ€ To illuminate the darkness we must first look it in the eye. Warriors are here, travellers of courage, vision and focus. Have no fear, love is all we need soul sister xxx

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