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Event Horizon Super Blood Moon Eclipse 20.01

What is the event? When will it happen? What will happen? What will it be like afterwards?

There are no set timelines. There are probabilities, nothing is set in stone. There are several manifestations taking shape, blinking out, reappearing. The cabal’s apocalyptic narratives hold powerful resonance within the collective consciousness. These timelines have been hard wired into the mindset of the population through images and narratives of doomsday scenarios. Humanity has been offered a diverse choice of apocalyptic and post apocalyptic scenarios to manifest. Demons on buses, zombies on billboards, monsters on bus shelters. Babies in buggies are manifesting those timelines, let alone the uneasy, slightly terrified adult community. It’s not looking good, it has to be said. The swamp still sludges with thick heavy rotten karma. Light work on all sides, ground level up to cosmos has struggled to engineer fundamental change. Algorithmic coding remains service to self, humanity refuses to see.

The light has been shone on humanities closet, the skeletons are tumbling out. It’s getting ugly out there and it’s going to get uglier. For truths such as these, hidden in plain sight, are too much to bare. Where has the soul gone from people? Who took it? We want their souls back. This is what is going on. Soul retrieval on a vast scale. To be thorough is the only option. Scraps of souls, ribbons of silver, slithers of shimmering dust must be meticulously retrieved, taken to sacred space for realignment. Shamanic, angelic astral clearing. The cycle of soul slavery is coming to an end. The inertia of the population is due to fractured souls, synthesised reincarnation has corrupted the motherboards. Repairs are being carried out, light healing. It takes time.

The light matrix has taken hold in the material plane ensuring restoration of normal programs will commence instantly. Normality will experience a blip for most. The few who have attained transdimensional frequency will experience time entirely differently. You will remember when others will not. You will see the changes. You will witness the transition. For most it will be quick, instant. The lightwaves have been coming for some time, riding them has been the goal. Stay upright, balanced with yoga and meditation. The reboot will be fast and pain free. Shamans, healers, warriors know all you experience will be real, respond intuitively. Allow specific guides to step in and take you through certain situations or practises. We are inhabiting lighter bodies, learning to fuse balance into our mind body spirit being is key.

We are in groundhog day loop. The event will break us free of that cycle. It will be everything and nothing. Instant and progressive. It will be unique to each of us. If we fear we create fear. If we love we create love. All duality is melting away. Lateral thinking, expansion of consciousness, downloads, upgrades, new skill sets. We create the event, we are manifestors of our individual and collective timelines. We are learning there is no us and them. Choice is ours. Celestial events herald profound change because they change the frequencies, engage portals, open gateways for flow, release and shifts. This is all happening as it should. Combat fear with calm, rational, grounded human stuff. Go for a walk. Hang out with friends. Cook a nice meal. Engage senses in the present, feel positive about our world, our reality.

The possibilities post event are mind boggling, endless, infinite. Surrendering to human experience as a karmic cycle of self, liberates us. Mindfulness manifests our reality. Positivity creates hope. How will we know it’s happened? The world will be hopeful again. Politicians will make sense. Media will find it’s integrity. Religion will be phased out by spiritual health. We will be too busy living our lives, fixing things, making the world a better place to notice the obstacles will evaporate. Is this utopia? No. The seas are still polluted. Human trafficking still underpins all that is wrong here. Its not a magic wand, the Event. It’s the chance to change things, to put the work in and see fruition, growth, evolution. Let the healers heal, teachers teach, carers give, builders build. Let art be created, solutions engineered, technologies crafted for the good of both planet and people. We can build a better world friends, literally. Or we can manifest the doom and gloom of Hollywood hell. And the myriad of possibilities in between. Frequencies will determine how we each experience the Event happening, and the aftermath. Majorities will pull the vibration up or down the spectrum. Yet all possibilities are on the cosmic card table.

Light beings, angels, saints have been travelling here for eons trying to break the slavery cycle. Every heart beating on planet earth that holds a shred of divine light, be it Jesus, Allah, Buddha, Mohammed, Mary Mother or Mary Magdalene, Archangelic or ascended beings, will experience the Event as a positive shift. A transformation of their lives based on foundations of self care and self respect. Boom, the world will feel positive. People will sound positive. Even talking heads on tv will be more real, authentic. The world will take on a calmer resonance. It’s going to be fine instead of doom, gloom, fear and fury. A shift will look like rational politics, compassionate economics, welfare systems replacing oligarchs and tax havens. Peace will be brokered because it will be the goal. Not arms sales, chaos and destruction. This is all to be decided, by us, when the time comes. The resonance in our hearts will determine our experience of the Event and our manifestation of its timelines.

Stay positive beautiful people. The signs are abundance, happiness. Authenticity bringing great joy, passion, creativity and expansion. Human life will take on resonance, meaning, depth and soul nourishment. For now we hold our space, stay calm, meditate love to keep our heads above cosmic seas of transformation. Peace is possible brothers and sisters!


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