Anyone else levelling up?

The game will change again, early March. Be ready to level up cosmic surfers. Increased instincts, awareness of needing to unplug from the system, these are the early stages of awakening. Buckle up if you resonate, rollercoaster consciousness expansion coming your way. Karmic clearing lightens our mindbodyspirit, we cultivate gratitude, selfcare, by facing and releasing trauma. It’s not easy. Don’t rush it. Hierarchy and competition belong in the lower realm matrix. Lightbody activation will reward your whole being. Transdimensional skill sets, Light Craft, worker to warrior upgrades for those ready to quantum leap. Resistance has become refusal. Release blocks to higher consciousness with meditation and reflection. It’s all about energy. Travellers, transmissions on the way. Protocol 1 😎 The mission comes first. Divine light is all the protection and guidance we need 💖

2 thoughts on “Anyone else levelling up?”

  1. “Don’t rush it. ”
    “Resistance has become refusal.”
    No need to really say “don’t rush it” because it just flat CANNOT (as in “not able to”) be rushed.
    But it can be resisted! Many a lightworker has resisted their own process and learning.
    AND there is nothing wrong and everything right about being PROACTIVE!
    Barbara Marciniak’s Ps asked the question: How much of you time and energy do you put towards your light work? Their answer: ALL of it.
    Don’t resist it.


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