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Arcturian Council Transmission 06.19

Traveller teams are assembling. Links are being made. Cybernet communication lines established in a chaotic, crumbling matrix. Your gag has been lifted. You are starfish in their stormy seas of dark troubles. As the dimensions slip and slide, tracking teams becomes harder. Theirs is the illusion of force, not the reality. They use technology, shadows and algorithms to monitor. Hosts record like never ending cctv, strangers not in command of their own consciousness. Know this Travellers, all are being levelled up as we speak. Training programs are being downloaded after the Retrograde hiatus. Expect more supernatural synergy. Third eye sight to spot those assigned to watch you. Pick battles as and when directed by guides. Use energetic angelic protection.

There is much for you to learn about your roles on the other dimensions. Some are light weavers, intricately constructing the light matrix. The light matrix will hold the remnant memory of matrix programming. This will enable a context of reassurance in the collective consciousness as you travel up the frequency spectrum with Gaia. Others are on reconnaissance missions, making connections, building teams. Many are deep undercover. Some lost in darkness, their souls blackened with dark magic, seek light redemption. The new paradigm is changing all the old matrix rules. Downloads are ramping up third eye sight. If its demonic, dark or devious, trained travellers are seeing it.

We have an update regarding the event. We understand there is sabotage and fear around the concept of the event. Seeded many thousands of years ago in DNA ancestral binding. Targetted programs in your current lifetime ensure fear manifestation. The apocalypse has already begun. It began at the turn of the millennia. The disintegration of the old matrix. Technological advancement shrunk your perception of the world, a fatal flaw in their matrix holographic astral system of control. The Anunaki planned for this. Several alternate versions of the matrix were launched in geographic Zones. The Japanese matrix uses hive coding compared to the Western matrices coded in corporate capitalism, fostering some individuality. Other versions have crashed, some flourished, all are synthesised realities.

To understand the event is to expand your consciousness beyond linear perspective. We reach into the cosmos to grasp timelines, multi dimensionality, wavelengths and frequency. Everything is energy. Everything is expanding all the time. For each of you and as a collective the event will be experienced dependent on the frequency you are vibrating at. Timelines fluctuate rendering precise prediction impossible. The event will be manifest in collective consciousness as each wave ascends. Imposing linear time on this is obsolete.

You exist now in Quantum Time. Know you control the dial of your perceived reality. By consciously training your brain to recognise your own power to raise or lower your vibratory state and thus your perceived reality, you will learn to fully embody transdimensionality friends.

In divine Light, the Arcturian Council.


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