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Energy Update 1111 Territory

We are still deep in 1111 territory cosmic surfers. The world is shifting all round us. The Shift can be felt within us. Our lives are aligning to higher vibratory fields as we are propelled up the frequency spectrum. Wave after wave of cosmic light flowing round and through us. Recalibration is happening at an exponential rate. We entered the fourth realm in 2018, 2019 is the year of assimilation. All the karmic work we’ve been doing to clear our ancestral and personal karma is filling us with light for a quantum leap in our cellular vibration. Lightbody activation is taking us deeper into ourselves, our sovereignty and our innate divinity as energetic beings. The light is flooding us and Gaia. Divine feminine energies finally anchored in the collective consciousness. Feminine womb web healing has begun. In beautiful harmony, just as the divine feminine energies anchored, divine masculine energies were activated in the collective conscious. We are alive during a profound time in humanities evolution.

In circumstances without adverse intervention we would be evolving in tandem with Gaia and technology. We would be redirecting our energies towards the planet, community, health and esoteric learning. Planet earth circa 2019 is not normal circumstances. Ancient invaders conquered us many moons ago. A stealthy predator whose hostile takeover emasculated the masculine and inverted the feminine on earth. Humanities natural progression in alignment with nature, the cosmos and our divine truth has been sabotaged and subverted. Predators brought parasites with them. Astral entities that do much of our enemies dirty work for them. Soul stealers, energy thieves, malignant and malicious. Humans lobotomised by their own greed, worship and carry out their Pharaohs judgements to the letter. Tidal waves of cosmic light frequencies have decommissioned their operation. Intergalactic intervention disables their warcraft. Witchcraft is met with lightcraft. Crystalline core activation of Gaia has awakened chi flow. The pyramid is crumbling. The veils are thinning. Truth is ascension.

The astral twists in turmoil as all are disturbed in fourth realm frequencies. The matrix is glitching. We are experiencing Fourth Realm eerieness up to 5d zen and everything in between. We are bridging dimensional realms, straddling lower fourth with higher fifth realms. We are birthing the new earth in love filled meditative states of peace, abundance and joy. Our interactions reflect our vibrations and the state of play of the matrix we inhabit. Like Sims avatars we look to our gamers, our Higher Self, for guidance. We surrender to a higher space where all is in alignment in divine source love, trusting our guides can see more of the game than we can. Whilst timelines fluctuate at an accelerated rate, following messages, gut instincts and synchronicities is essential to good game play. Levelled up players see the astral plane weave into the matrix, layered over Gaia. Karmic clearance has brought us into alignment with our highest path. Some days we flow with spirit, our world harmonious, floaty in quantum time. We can feel stealthy, soldier senses on, alert and ready. Other days we push through mud, limbs unwilling to move, voice reluctant to project, we ache to meditate, to receive and assimilate downloads. 1111 is all three! Adjust our daily planning in accordance with energy levels, this take pressure off our dual existence in the matrix and as energetic light workers. Adapting our day to our core energy enables us to manage all the different elements of our lives calmly, in alignment with higher vibrations.

The reality we know has been engineered to a perpetual state of war, division, fear, inequality and dis-ease. Each geographical zone is mapped out in algorithms. A sophisticated holographic reality fused with Gaia, laid over Gaia, merged with Gaia, to mimic, mirror, and mine her. The Anunaki underestimated Goddess Gaia, inhabiting planet earth in her grand and glorious light. Gaia observed destruction all around her and on her. She has sustained wounds, tortures, traumas and assault. Gaia has weathered many moons of hostility, toxicity and plunder of her gifts. Gaia made a choice. She chose to riiiiiiissssse. In her divine wisdom Gaia chose to rescue planet earth and the beleaguered people who travel on her. Gaia communicated her intentions in dreams, visions, sacred geometry and cosmic ripples of manifestation. Her timelines drew a circle round the destruction of the pyramid. Her ascension is the ascension of man and womban. Evolution to 5th dimension realms where abundance, joy, love and peace are the codes running through our circuitry. We rewire ourselves. We clear karma, we raise our vibrations, we seek truth and speak our truth. We are the change we will see in the world. Gaia has gifted us this momentous opportunity.

The intergalactic federation already aware of atrocities, the Anunaki were cornered in our obscure little planet in a far corner of our solar system. Lower dimensions demand a point of tension. Light and dark. There has to be triggers for growth. Lower realms enable species to evolve from primitive to divine. The Anunaki chose to reject ascension. Their species thrives on the energies of lower frequencies. They seek beings whose organic bodies operate on the material plane. Theirs is a dark soul path. They fulfil roles demanded in the lower realms, but their choice to remain there and to maintain their hold on species preventing them from organic ascension, breaks intergalactic laws of non interference. Gaia left clues. It has been known for many eons that ascension of a planet and her people would occur, the Age of Aquarius. As the solar system expands, the vibrations rise. Frequencies where all living things exist fluctuate. Gaia’s focused intention, her energetic commitment to her ascension is the driving force behind the return of the divine feminine to planet earth.

The intergalactic federation observe, monitor and engage when ordained necessary. Sky wars have been ongoing for sometime as different sections of the federation engage with Anunaki war crafts. The holographic reality we perceive is being decommissioned against the Anunaki wishes. Their response is to weave a dark web of consciousness into the collective consciousness of humanity. The Dark Web will anchor in lower vibrating humans, their fear will in turn manifest the Anunaki preferred realities, timelines. The matrix as we know it will eventually only exist because humans believe it does. Manifestation in the fourth realm is accelerated compared to the sluggish, foggy, slow thought processes of the third dimension. What we feel, think, wish for, we create here. The Anunaki seek to imprint all humanity with the blueprint of pyramidial slavery encapsulated in the matrix program.

As the matrix glitches, timelines switch up, our realities criss cross, merge, fade, flicker with each passing emotional energetic reading from us. We are energy. Everything around us is energy. We operate like SIMS people. Our avatars are our organic bodies. We develop spiritual enlightenment when we assimilate our mind, body, soul being into higher frequencies. We do this by unplugging from matrix toxins and algorithms. We do this be going inward and learning who we are. We do this by detaching from triggers and prioritising our sovereignty above all else. Self care is revolutionary in the matrix. It breaks the matrix. The self care movement is breaking the matrix. Just as the move to a plant based diet is destroying many of the avenues the Anunaki have been using to poison us. The world wide web has shrunk our world, igniting people power in an instant. Technology goes hand in hand with ascension. We rise because we no longer have to focus all our energy on survival. Sanctuary, health, wellbeing, procreation and safety are taken care of, we are able to level up to Create Mode. Imagine, build, think, meditate and manifest.

The Anunaki have used many means to keep us in a perpetual state of survival mode. Poverty is engineered. The elite clamber to the top of the pyramid, stabbing each other in the back, clawing to get higher, closer to the golden capstone of greed. The rest of us survive. Lizard characteristics, ruthless, cold, selfish and predatorial are the driving forces behind Anunaki core coding. They are a primitive species with highly advanced technologies, who choose their primitive desires over enlightenment. Their weakness is they need resources, raw material to fuel their technologies, and themselves. They feed off chi. They employ the Archons to harvest and harness chi for them. The Archons are the main source of pure terror palpable on planet earth, in every soul her. Their pulse of terror runs through the global population. No one is not scared. The elite are arguably more scared, they know who is behind the veil. The Tower must fall for rebirth to manifest.

Evolution can only happen when a society reaches a tipping point of technological progress. Much of this has been hidden from us, part of the Big Lies the Anunaki must maintain if they are to keep us under the illusion of isolation and vulnerability. Planet earth has abundant resources for everyone. Scarcity is a lie. A negative algorithm running though our circuit boards locking us down in lower vibrations of stress and anxiety. The competition, envy and greed we witness every day, brazen, overarching cultural mission statement, look after yourself, no one else, is fundamental to the third realm matrix remaining. Service to self people are offended by service to others. They mock, jeer and guffaw at folk who believe sharing is caring. Theirs will be an earth created on frequencies of envy, hierarchy, competition, greed and fear. They weave their own personal purgatory. Fourth Realm magic is we receive what we gift. The snake will eat itself.

The sacred circle of light will manifest a new earth in joy dimensions. Technological advancement will eradicate disease, poverty and pollution. We will redesign our cities in a clean, high tec, high spec, modernity, working with Gaia not against her. Spiritual enlightenment comes when we can think. When we can muse, commune, create with each other, nature, the cosmos and our soul. 1111 is the shift friends. It is the shift happening. We’ve been in 1111 territory for several weeks. Our lives are being turned upside down so that we can align with our highest path. Our guides manage, support and love us all the way. Stay in core strength, agile and balanced on your surf board beautiful people. We surf the fourth realm in light and love.


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