Black Supermoon Lion’s Gate Portal Retrogrades Energy Update

Portals of cosmic lightwaves recalibrate our mind body soul being. We actively transform from low density 3d avatars to fully charged up 5d lightbody beings. 2019 is home to 333 Portals as well as several others, including the coming Lion’s Gate Portal. We are adjusting to the Shift in perspective about our existence. Going with the flow translates as tuning into energy and surrendering to flow of love vibrations. Once we drop into that frequency we lose our fear. Our lives, our sense of Self shifts. Moontime is having an increasingly powerful affect on all of us as we lighten our vibratory fields becoming more sensitive to her ebb and flow. Super, new and full moons are mini portals enabling us to karmically release, consciously align and commune with our higher self and guides. Supermoons, eclipses, celestial events are the cosmos reaching into the depths of our soul drawing us out into the light. Each has its own significance, resonance, each has its own planetary alignments. The black supermoon is about our core, what makes us tick. We can shift, transition, transform into a moth, a creature of the night, lost, confused, bamboozled by the bright lights of the matrix. Or we can cocoon ourselves in a chrysalis of Light, transcendent in our evolution. Butterflies bathed in crystalline light, Gaia goodness and creator vibrations. The dominoes have been tipped, divine feminine energies anchored. As above, so below.

July’s black supermoon in Leo, with intensive retrograde activity, is a tricky energy best navigated in conscious positivity. Channelling Leo’s zest for life, confidence and self belief is the springboard to our abundance. Planetary alignment mirroring constellations of the pyramids of Giza, reflecting Sirius, gatekeeper Metatron, and all his secrets, we will learn some hard truths about the world in the coming weeks. For some of us the moon will disappear entirely, a karmic black hole ready to vacuum all toxicity from us, if we choose. Our world is being pushed closer and closer to the event. Dark energies aired in truth vibrations are coming our way. Those shining bright in the light know that all that comes to us will expand into our channelled divine light, welcome and warmly received. Those whose demons are in the driving seat will disappear from physical sight, though we will feel their hate energetically. Take protective precautions, negative energy focused at us can harm our mindbodysoul equilibrium. Use mantras, prayer, shield of love, invisibility cloaks and crystals (selenite and tourmaline, dark crystals to ward off hate and light to blast out love). Meditate love vibration. Send enemies love, it will keep them away. The illusions are crumbling. Many cling to negative comfort zones in the matrix for fear of the unknown. It will get more difficult to refuse truth vibrations. All whose lives are constructed on deceit fear truthers, for they understand we threaten their illusions.

So we get to the heart of the matter, or, of darkness. The black supermoon 31st July/1st August is a dark portal. We were witness to the blinking of the Dark star earlier in 2019, heralding the anchoring of dark energies in the fourth realm. July’s black supermoon is a gateway. Just as 333 portals and the Lions Gate operate like doors opening to the fifth dimension and allowing tidal waves of light to wash over us and through us, so too the darkness has its gateways. As above so below. All we are told is inversion, smoke and mirrors, illusion. Everything they can do we can do and vice versa. Black moons are the energy of evil. It is the opposite of joy, love, abundance, peace and harmony. Limited to lower realms by the physics of cellular vibration, the third and fourth dimension are the domain of darkness. The membranes between us and the exaltation of higher realms are being pushed through, broken and dissolved, the higher our collective vibration gets. We can use the black supermoon just as the elite are using sacred alignments for their own dark rituals, we can do the same with theirs.

The black supermoon is operating within the second 333 portal and preceding 888 Lion’s Gate Portal. This alignment cannot be ignored. Cushioned in Light, couched in love, cornered on all sides in higher frequencies, the dark struggles to breath. The ignition energies are Leo, the sign of fire, justice, charisma and dignity. Leos are protective, fierce and independent. We can harness the energies of this supermoon and finally, once and for all, release exactly what it is that has been holding us back from aligning with our highest Self. Every shadow, every nuance, every flicker of self hate, self sabotage or self sacrifice is being illuminated. We Let. It. Go. The grand finale to 2019’s long dark night of the soul. What is the nugget of truth buried in our psyches that holds us back? A virus deep in our motherboards that needs to be obsolete. Can we identify it, locate it, excavate it? Can we get it into a word, a phrase or a sentence? Can we find examples to help us? Reflect. Let insight come.

Healing is active. Healing doesn’t just happen, we face those fears, step into positive discomfort, follow rabbit holes of anxiety back to source. Name it. Feel it. Sit in it. Understand it. Detach and observe it in action. How does it manifest, this energy that feeds off our soul, blocks the heart and plagues the mind. Prevents us from stepping into our power. A glass ceiling we need to crack wide open. Root it out. The black supermoon is a reboot of our system, offering us the opportunity to delete old outdated versions of self, assimilating into higher vibratory, holistic Self. All that has come up in the last few months has surfaced for a reason. Zoom out, put the jigsaw together, what are your guides and higher self telling you? Tune in. Move slowly, deliberately and cautiously, allow every micro expression, every flicker, every peripheral movement to register. We are being nudged onto our abundance pathways. Trust the process.

Honour the retrograde energies. Identify as best you can what is omen, message, encouragement or data. Tune into nature, the birds, animals, Gaia have messages for us. The world is interactive, SMART. Our existence is alive, breathing creation. Mercury’s retrograde will pass 31st July, and we can breathe a long sigh of relief. His energies are irritating at best, potentially hazardous at worse. He is the test, if you like, he shakes things up, stops our perceived world running smoothly, forces us to adjust, adapt, realign. He is the stick poking the tiger. We cannot sleep or rest during these profound times of quantum transmutation of dark to light. We should be alert, aware, internal to outer, all ripples, energies around us and within us noted. We can smile and release our fear. We can centre and acknowledge our anxieties. We can ground and dissipate stress. We can pray, chant, dance and align to our divine Self. We choose how we respond to Mercury’s spiky retrograde.

The darker elements align to his energies, in full action mode these last few weeks. Ceremonies, rituals, monetary transactions, political deceit and energy wizardry, but the ship is sinking. For those who see the astral, their dark portals, their intentions and their threats, switch up your vision. We can now change gear, change the channel, the station we are vibrating on. Shift your perspective up with devotion to self care and cultivating spiritual calm. The astral darkness is ongoing. The sleeper matrix is still glitching its way through its tight, tiny, little linear days. The new earth is being built on the material plane. The light matrix is weaved in love, joy and truth. The dark matrix harnesses fear as its building blocks. It is ruthless, relentless and ever present in its construction on the astral and material plane. Ignore it. Clock it, shrug it off, turn away, what-ever. Now is not the time for the light warriors or travellers to monopolise their light forces. We are deep in the midst of personal, internal realignment to higher vibratory fields of light. Do not rush this process. Do not cloud it with fear vibrations by looking directly at the darkness. Know its there, out the corner of our third eye, at the very edges of our vision. Keep it there in the shadows for now. Activate a veil between conscious perception and visual or auditory contact. Mantra I instruct my higher self to blind me from darkness until further notice. In divine light we choose what we see. Astral turmoil and trauma writhes, twists and turns, screeching, screaming in rage, fear and fury at the light onslaught. We are advised not to engage presently, unless otherwise directed. Others, our team, guides on the other side, our allies in the skies and our resistance movement on the ground are well equipped to handle that side of things presently.

For now our directive on the frontline is to stay grounded to Gaia, fully committed to the process of quantum transition to higher dimensional realms. Karmic realignment is our mantra, our baseline vibration for now. We dig out by the roots all that is toxic blocking growth, draining our life force or limiting our dreamweaving. We plant seeds for long term, nourishing joy, peace and prosperity. Our world is shifting, we are birthing the new earth, we cannot do this scared. We cannot traverse the lower realms and not be scared. We can use this black supermoon portal to extinguish the core negativity that has plagued us for good. Identification and release of the core code that keeps us from fully inhabiting our authentic selves, is the gameplay for this portal. Mercury’s retrograde has aided this process, highlighted our points of tension, our triggers, our weak spots. Jupiter’s retrograde is challenging us at the foundations. We are not simply rearranging the furniture of our lives we are demolishing the old, clearing the clutter, the baggage and planning where our brand new fresh energies are going to go. We set intention to maintain these changes, make them happen, follow through on our dreams, be accountable and connected to the details of our transformation. Harnessing the black moon for positivity is the red pill. It’s unpicking those last stitches preventing us from claiming our birthrights, our value and our worth.

This black supermoon is the revelation of, or succumbing to, illusion. The red pill or blue pill. Blue pill people won’t really notice beyond a bit of buzz in the media and online, in their conscious selves. Energetically their entire psyches will shake and shudder under the strain of resistance. Their dreams will be vivid, dynamic and disturbing as their higher selves try and wake them up in the game. For the black pill folk this black supermoon is a whole other matter. This is their dark portal. Expect the elite to mark the occasion in mass rituals disguised as sport, entertainment or news. Cabal spirit cookery in cauldrons specially prepared for the black supermoon. Expect to see the self created misery of those locked in lower vibrations, as clear as day. Know all of this will happen. Detach friends. Detach, detach, detach is the key word for current state of play. Detach and observe. Poker face on. Tells in check. Observe. Don’t engage unless moved to. Mercury isn’t over yet, Jupiter still has his weighty retrograde knocking the karmic stuffing out of us and the black supermoon is like thanksgiving, Christmas and birthday rolled into one for the puppet masters. There are highly skilled lightworkers operating from the material plane who are on this, they got this. Be reassured. Relax. our concern is our own inner spaces for now. Let the madness unfold, politicians, corporations, capital and economics are about to get a massive shock to their system, so lie low and watch the show unravel. Power has gone to their heads, Macbeth demanding his armour in a wild fervour of rage as he faces an army he cannot beat. Avoid engaging in hostilities, stay focused on SELF beautiful people.

We are gathering our momentum, preparing our energies. Be strategic, figure things out. Meditate, allow guidance to come through in visions, insights, gut instinct and dreams. Our guides have our back, trust them. We are the light. We are expanding into this whole space whether the dark likes it or not. Keep expanding beautiful people, keep breathing in Gaia goodness, keep working on lightbody activation and karmic growth. Stay in the zone of grounded abundance. We are birthing the new world in our own lives, pay attention to the details. We have more retrograde tension to push through, keep observing, reflecting, listening, thinking and learning. Watch everything and everyone. Make sure you know where you stand, refine your relationships and environments. Make decisions and stick to them. We are steadying ourselves for the Lion’s Gate Portal and the lifting of the retrogrades, be ready. Know yourself, know what you want and work out the details of how you are going to get there. The universe needs the map, the directions and details if she is to facilitate our manifestation, so be clear. The black supermoon is a huge opportunity to finally cut loose some heavy baggage that has been dragging us down. Get ready for that, know what you want to cut out and what you want to maintain and grow. Divinity is in the details, not the devil, that is inversion, again. We can make this happen in divine certainty of abundance, love, peace and joy. The labour pains will continue for some time, we breathe into it. Push through the membranes preventing our ascension, staying centred in the truth of our divine manifestation. Claim what’s ours, own it. Assimilate into energies of abundance and harmony. In light and love beautiful people.


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