Jupiter’s Retrograde, 333 and 1111 Update #peaceuptherevolution

We are moving through energetic turbulence as Jupiter’s long retrograde finally stations direct 11.09.19. Jupiter is far weightier than Mercury, less slippery more fundamental. Mercury trips us up, stresses us out, triggers us to release all static energies, karmic friction and matrix interaction. Mercury retrograde relates to the darker side of our reality, perception, illusion and trickery are his game, he lives in the shadows catches us unawares. Thankfully he has gone. The glitches are continuing, we still have 1111, 333 Portals and planetary retrogrades essential to our evolution. Chiron’s retrograde will be with us till December, the little planet of deep healing. The lesson from Jupiter’s Retrograde is detachment. We detach from obstacles, triggers, emotional warfare and others choices and behaviours. We see through the illusion of projection and deception. Manipulation reveals itself to us subtly, micro expressions, shadows in irises, tells and twitches and boom the veils lift. Detachment affords us the space to study our environment and those we interact with. Detachment is key to navigating the close of Jupiter’s retrograde.

Mercury’s retrograde unsettles the top layers, disturbs and irritates us, Jupiter’s retrograde focuses us on the heart of the matter. The secret in our souls we maybe even hid from ourselves. Jupiter’s retrograde congruent with Mercury’s retrograde has been an energetic workshop in tough love. We have had to be tough in our love of self. Push others back, switch up our routines, sow seeds, weed out the saboteurs. Healing is harsh and hard. It’s not easy. Easy is ignoring the problems, stubborn blue pillers who refuse truth. The red pill is saying yes, everything is wrong here and I want to know why and how I can change things. Waking up is joining the dots, its raising our vibrations to reach wavelengths of fifth dimensional serenity and soaring zen. It’s crying till we are empty for our lost loves, our lost lives, our lost souls. It’s picking ourselves up and saying I’m taking the reigns of my life. It’s identifying every plug into the matrix and cutting it, pulling it, yanking it out. It’s going to healers and receiving help to release all that weighs us down. Jupiter’s retrograde has been the mechanism for this red pill upload. 2019 levelling up. Jupiter stations direct and we can breeeeeaaaaaatthhhe. All the work that has been done will come into fruition. Forward motion beautiful people. Momentum will build quickly. Release.

Kansas is burning. Red pillers see the apocalypse every day. The lost, lonely and forlorn live it and the sleepers ignore it. At best. At worst its a validation of their own self worth, a sick twisted algorithm of reaffirmation of self in the face of misery in others. Sow your seeds for tomorrow. Release sacred rage at the injustices to the universe. Surrender to Jupiter’s final moments of energetic pull back. What have we learned about ourselves, about others? Assimilation is profound in its wholeness. Compartmentalising is dissolving, just as days, seasons and timelines are fading, glitching and disintegrating. Patience has been a great lesson from Jupiter’s retrograde. Allowing quantum time to take the lead. Going with the flow doesn’t mean going with external flows, other people’s, the clockwatching of the matrix or stress head to do lists. Going with the flow is energy. It’s reading energy the way we read the weather, wearing appropriate clothing, responding in alignment with the energies. How do we feel today? How does the world feel today? How do our loved ones feel today?

Feel, emotion, responsiveness has been the enemy of reptilian characters running the show. They don’t speak the language of emotion, it scares them for they know it leads to light and love, the fifth dimension. We are not supposed to feel true joy, ecstasy or peace, only manufactured hybrids of these energies. Selfie culture codes our self satisfaction as dependent on how we look and what we have or do. How we package ourselves and market ourselves to the world. Spiritual enlightenment is delving into self, looking under the rocks and hard paces, and zooming out, comprehending the bigger picture of woven creative divinity that we are integral to. The challenge is remaining grounded in mindful present whilst vibrating on upper chakra vibrations. Jupiter’s retrograde, if you were present, taught us how to navigate this deep karmic process. To withstand and assimilate lightwaves of portals, and the trickster mercury retrograde, whilst healing those deepest most damaged parts of ourSelf. It’s been a profound and humbling journey, I share gratitude to all of you who have shared it with me in my posts and videos. There were times when you guys were keeping me afloat, so thankyou cosmic surfers for your love.

Zooming out further we see 2019 as a merkaba of massive gateways. 333 portals, 1111 Shift energies, eclipses, lunar cycles and solar activity. The second supermoon 333 Gateway will close at the end of August. 333 is alchemy, mindbodysoul unity. It is the retrieval of fragments of ourselves lost in trauma, ancestral wounds and dark energy wizardry. 333 gateways are being assisted by intergalactic and angelic allies, whose mission is to maximise and magnify the 333 lightwaves integration into our collective consciousness. We are not alone in our transcendence. Each of us has a team of guides and our higher self, our gamer, guiding and supporting us all the way. The matrix blinds and deafens us to their guidance. We do the karmic and meditative healing to raise our cellular frequency beyond interference from matrix modifications, to communicate with them.

Gaia has her allies, planets inhabited by her brothers and sisters, aligning to magnetise her ascension. The quantum field is prepped and ready. The event will be experienced dependent on vibration. Ascension will be painfully slow for some and accelerated for others. The light matrix is being woven in the hearts of awakened souls, rewiring dense algorithms of self hate, envy and greed. We need only breathe and surrender to each stage of the process, allowing ourselves time and space to assimilate into higher vibratory fields of light. 1111 is the code for ascension. Everything is couched in 1111. The divine feminine energies finally anchored in April 2019, just as Jupiter put his massive brakes on and slowed everything right down. Stretching our karmic clearing, allowing us the space to excavate even our most deepest wounds. We are aligning now in a much higher vibratory field. The anchoring of divine feminine frequencies was the green for all systems go.

The 1111 quantum gateway opened and we jumped. The world may still feel shaky beneath our feet because it is, we have jumped from one plane of existence to another, its bound to be a bit trippy. The shift of energy is tangible in our lives and on the global stage. Polarity stretches us further than we can go. Jupiter’s retrograde gave us all an opportunity to see for the first time all cards on the table. This is a multi dimensional space friends, we choose what we interact with. Tread carefully on the astral, it is dangerous for lightwarriors presently. We are raw in our karmic evolution and still mired in the holographic reality of the matrix, still weighed down by linear systems of control. Now is not the time. The faces may be appearing again, worse than before, look away or send them light. Ghosts, ghouls, entities and demons see our light a mile off, they either clamour for release, hide or attack. Treat them you would an irritating younger sibling, in love, they will get your attention when you are ready friends.

Communication will be a massive energetic frequency in Jupiter’s stationing direct in Sagittarius. Sagittarians don’t hang around for others to give them permission or help them, they get the job done themselves. Jupiter in this Sagittarian vibration is action friends. The seeds sown, insights reflected on, changes made are blossoming. We will be propelled forward with revived, powered up intention of self care and self love. Beyond intention, this shift is taking root in our feet, our legs, our root and throat chakras, our core, our hearts and minds. We are understanding that alignment of self to higher vibrations is the most important space for now. Divine feminine energies anchored in April triggered awakening of divine masculine energies. The wounded masculine is crying out for healing. The feminine are integrating sacred light energy birthed on Gaia and now returned to Gaia. The divine feminine is here to nurture and nourish all to the light, even the darkest most angry and depraved of souls can cross the threshold into the light. The alchemy is love of self.

Reach out to others, breathe your dreams, build alliances, friendships, share your light quietly but assuredly. We bide our time, wait out Jupiter’s last retrogrades energies, embrace the strength he has shown we have in ourselves to take control of our lives in a system hell bent on oppressing and restraining us. Know the darkness will require a concerted effort soon, but not yet. Stay positive friends, the worst of the karmic healing is over for all who resonate with these words. Steady the realignment of body with hydration, rest and high vibe nourishment. Centre anxiety with healing tools and sensitivity to energies. Too often we blame ourselves for our anxiety when the cause is external, environmental. Matrix glitches, stresses, negative emotions, empaths transmute the atmosphere every day. Most of the depression in energies experienced is other people, or astral trauma coming through for healing. Detach from anxiety and observe possible triggers outside of self, then look at ways to manage those triggers.

Jupiter’s lesson is detachment, observation, patience and closely following gut instinct to wait for alignment and then respond appropriately. Soothe the soul with laughter, creativity and meditation. 333 is the big picture, the alchemy of mindbodysoul wellbeing. The Lion’s Gate Portal knocks the residue of intensive karmic clearing of 2019 to the ground. Ditch the low self esteem, chuck out the baggage that weighs us down, declutter, simplify and tune into higher energies. 11.08 is Jupiter’s stationing direct, be patient even with this, don’t rush anything, there is too much going on. Take our time to find our feet again after this tumultuous and transformative energetic space. The forward motion Sagittarian energy will be our simultaneous ascension to higher realms and our anchoring to Gaia and our lives here. The future doesn’t need to be worried about, it doesn’t really exist, just flickering timelines, primary fate points and wild fiery ascension energies. The present and laying the foundations for our long term happiness, are the focus for now. Clear space over the next few days for quiet reflection and meditation. Our mind body soul system will be firing on all cylinders by the close of these gateways. Be present, grounded and awake to the transition. In love and light beautiful people.


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