Tremors in the Force

So this happened…

Tremors in the Force.

Rumbles on the cosmic underground, whispers in the wind, something BIG just happened friends. An energetic earthquake. We are in the aftershocks, can you feel it? Tingles in the calves, shaky limbs, lightness round the bones, quiet despite the noise of the matrix and the howling astral. Wow. Running diagnostics, clocking into core… calm. Checking in on body, light vibrations in bones, muscles and organs. Zoning in on third eye data, aye… the Big Bad appears to be gone.

Started Friday 6.9.19. Hmmmm. Rabbit hole research. Rose Hannah gematria gurl. Is she cracking the code? The devil lost, satan fell. Ohhhkaaaay, so not the only one getting this message. Protect her light.

He’s gone, who’s gone? Epstein, gone. Obama? Trump? Johnson? Andrew? We’ve not seen Obama for awhile. Is Michelle still here? Code words, symbols, hand language, colours, what are they telling each other? BB, frightened, stares direct at camera, both hands, double horns, 1990 on his shirt. Don’t you just hate the creepy things they do with their tongue. Colour red. Arrested trying to leave. It’s like Men in Black, when the rats start jumping ship we know something big has gone down.

Who is dead? Saturn’s retrograde keyword Karma. Sit back and watch. Knot of anxiety in gut, despite calm core. What has happened?
Details are sketchy, but the same message is coming through, the dark one has fallen. The Andromedeans want to congratulate us! My guides concur, and are just as astonished as I am. Sharpening my antennae, invisibility cloak on, I jump on the astral, look round. Chaos, worse than usual. Heart palpitations, shivers, fear in my veins, what is going on? Desperation, panic, the snake has eaten it’s tail. Shock waves.

I began channelling at this point and kept writing πŸ§˜πŸ½β€β™€οΈβœŒπŸΌ

How did it happen?
Horcruxes. Possession. Redemption. AA Michael and others, stealth mode light combat. Someone is dead, a big horcrux, a grand illusion, the worst deceit.

How do they deal with it? Clone him? But the devil’s soul can’t be cloned.
The other died, unexpectedly. Another key horcrux. Too many passed, too quickly for him to recover his splintered soul. Multiple possession carries the risk of permanent nomadic, transient, ethereal existence.

Where is he now?
We don’t know. Not vibrating on any dimensional frequency we are aware of.

Who am I speaking to?
Arcturian Council.

Are there horcruxes still alive?
We don’t know. We suspect yes.

Are they weakened by the death of the others? Yes.

Can his soul still be unified in one body? Does he need a body?
He prefers a body for interaction with material plane pleasures. Highly sophisticated sacrificial black magic would be required to reanimate his soul whole.

This is like Harry Potter.
Yes, we know. Easter eggs in the coding, as you would say.

What happens now?
Slowing down of clearing, humanity has time to find her sovereignty. Less need for transparent intergalactic intervention. His armies still operate, as do his heads of state. The vibratory field of Gaia’s ascension is such that lower vibration machinery malfunctions. Keep rising cosmic friends.
Thankyou for communicating with me today. Our pleasure Morag. Namaste.

What do you guys think? Am I being hacked on multiple channels? Are we in the new earth, free from the devil’s spite? Our leaders certainly look like they’ve lost their heads, but is that anything new? 31st October, old Hallows Eve, Johnson’s illuminati B Day, or is it? Smoke n mirrors. Who will they worship, perform sacrificial rituals for supernatural power and wealth now?

Britney’s dad almost died, beat up her kid and lost conservatorship, he’s an evil beast. Maybe he is a horcrux? He is defo dying. Lost his grip on the angel warrior Britney, whoop whoop! Things keep happening I never thought I’d see. Truth. Liberation. Revolution.

Without the Big Bad we can totes get rid of these lizards and ghouls and take back our minds, hearts and souls from the matrix. With him here we could still do it, it was just gonna be a lot harder and scarier. Who else of evil intent has popped off recently, or disappeared from our screens? Anyone seen Putin, he’s always off on some space ship or portal trip. I’m missing someone. Who is the missing link? Top level evil. Gone. Tremors in the Force for sure folks! βœŒπŸΌπŸ’—


13 thoughts on “Tremors in the Force”

  1. So excited you are feeling this too! My team calls it the false grid. Satan has left the building as the secret space program closes down (which was my personal mission for the last 8 years as Team Hilarion with Prime Creator). It was the children fragmented through pedophilia and the babies being sacrificed and cannibalized that was running the consciousness of the matrix hell realms. I know for my part in the divine plan we have almost evacuated all the tortured souls trapped on the false matrix up and out through the Arcturian corridor of light. With no more timelines to create in they are powerless here in 3d.
    Those who hate Donald Trump are too tenderhearted and can’t see the light in him because he is a bold warrior who is in his mission and battling some of the worst 3d evil this world has known. He along with our military have shut down all the human trafficking corridors world wide and frozen their assets. This was his first executive order in office to his great credit! None of this is covered by the lame stream media because they along with Hollywood and the powers that were hate him and want him out of power by any means possible which is huge confirmation he is not one of them.
    This is the end of the satanic mind control infiltration. Epstein is hugely symbolic as noone will escape justice for those who wish to stay in this reality structure as all continue to awaken naturally with no infiltration. Balance, harmony, peace and prosperity are returning to this plane with the fall of the inorganic matrix. The rest of us will soon be free to match vibrations and immerse ourselves in the 5d reality (full consciousness). Some may choose to bilocate and stay in both worlds.
    The Illuminati dark ones have made their choice with free will for the third timeline as they continue to fight and resist the creator here and in the quantum realms. They will match the vibration of the hell on earth timeline they so desired but without us all and without the innocent children. Unless they chose to heal they will be wretched. No more power in exchange for loyalty to Satan. The astral alters holding this consciousness have been dismantled.
    Thanks for the update Morag! Thanks for letting me share as well since I have no blog just giving an update from the front lines in clearing the hell realms as christ consciousness becomes fully available for us to embody once again. So much love to all of us as the divine plan comes together 😘

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    1. Still downloading! So we cut off his fuel supply? Omgoddess. It’s genius. And the only and major thing to do, we had to get them out. I can’t believe we did it! They stirred, I felt them stir a few times, there were moments when I thought all he’ll might break loose. I lost my legs earlier, relief sinking in. The children and babies are out. I’ve been holding their truth for so long. I just want to cry forever, for their pain and their suffering. They’re out. There was a calm that spread across the ascension field. I felt it in my core. It’s just the best news ever and to top it off yer man, beastboy, exited stage left! His fuel supply gone, cut, released. It’s sacred, circular, karmic, divine alignment! Cheri gurl, we will share a cosmic hug in some High tech high luxe 😁 starship lounge, sailing through space, remembering! What. A. Ride this lifetime is! I will continue to download your info whilst running a few self care programs! Bubble bathπŸ›€ and Badu🎢 Thankyou for sharing with me and my peeps βœŒπŸΌπŸ‘πŸ½πŸ’— #peaceuptherEvolution

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      1. Gosh ya made me cry my fellow goddess! Thanks for sharing your deep compassion which I hold too and has driven like you my deep resolve to see this through! Yes the babies and the children were the food source that created the beast! Pure christed consciousness of innocence harvested. You nailed it with your phrase “ghosts in the machine”. That’s when I knew you knew. My heart is with you and all the lightwarriers as we stand in oneness as sentinels lighting the way for the children to heal back into wholeness within the source of all that is. Into the corridor of light I see them funnel side by side. I hear the ones in the secret space program happily saying goodbye to each other as they are released from these timelines. One wisely said “life is supposed to be an experience not a program”. The babies I cannot think about too much, the creator has lovingly handled this part of my inner vision and mission. I too felt knees weakened and a huge weight off my lightbody. The bottom of my feet have been extremely sore, something sick with those damm red shoes they all proudly wear made out of human flesh. Blood baths no doubt. They swam in it. Epstiens island of horror is no more. You have no idea how many congress people and politician’s consciousness we have released with the disintegration of the astral alters bound through karmic ties and emitting satans frequency which was the mind control.
        We have just about finished the soul harvest in the quantum realms and all is incredibly well. All are so grateful as they come off the grid of suffering as layer upon layer of timelines are cleared and collapsed forevermore. Love has arrived and reached into the depths of hell to find and transition every single piece of the whole. Archons are going back to their own universe as the quantum field heals every single aspect and reharmonizes the entire universal time matrix. These next 4 months will be the final clearing. Thank you for sharing this moment with me beautiful Morag. Loves tears are true and we have done the impossible girlfriend!

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      2. Cheri, I’m in pieces. Relief and such pain. It may take some time to fully transmute these intense energies. Like a massive tumour has just been removed from the collective consciousness. I feel raw, wounded and free. I’ve been so careful with what I’ve written and put out for so long. In April when the gag online lifted and we were able to speak more freely it got easier. But holding the space, keeping things calm for the children, it’s been the hardest thing I’ve done. There have been times ive been physically and emotionally so unwell with holding their pain. Like you, my guides protected me from the babies, I don’t think I could’ve done that. The shoes. The anger. Sick to my stomach. Is it over Cheri, really over? The head of the snake gone? Every channel says yes, but I’m scared to fully download in case it’s not true. Thankyou for being there with your updates and wisdom Cheri 🌸

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      3. Yes Morag for sure it’s true as you describe our shared pain so well. I totally felt like you holding the pain while we worked behind the scenes. They were taken by total surprise as we surrounded them and winnowed down their galactic access, releasing their food source and healing the ascension chakras back to crystalline. This will release the 3 lower chakra’s for the collective which were spinning sideways and in reversal evoking all kinds of lower emotions, perversions and base behavior. They harvested this energy by artificially spinning the lower carbon chakras. Brutal sodomy bumps the base of the kundalini forcing it to rise artificially but only up through the lower chakras. They then controlled the spin rate which they used to open dark galactic portals and infiltrate timelines. That’s why we lightworkers held our light but couldn’t charge the bliss spin of our chakras into full ascension. The kundalini is the organic technology (Pleidian) of our DNA and the keys to the universe. The carbon chakras were cloned and covered with a cold blooded reptilian overlay and the kundalini became the snake they worshipped for power. Sadly orgasm was the only power they could ever manufacture as the kundalini never fully rises higher without love, joy and bliss to ignite the codons. Omgoddess (love that lol! you have a flair with words that cracks me up) my sacral chakras are so painful I spend lots of time in the shower letting the warm water soothe them. It is like sandpaper running through my urethra yikes! You would not believe the implants we have cleared mostly in my etheric testicles lol! The male aspect driven to base desires and the divine feminine inverted into sodomy. My Australian friend (also Andromedan very highly shamanic) calls it the asshole frequency. Literally and figuratively! Just so wonderful to share now the truth of it all. The next 4 months will see huge transmutation and with the children moving into the higher heavens once again, we will see the return of joy, imagination, laughter and playfulness! Yay! Love you girl! Can’t wait to celebrate and have some funky concoction with you in a floating cosmic setting with the stars whizzing by lol! Love has indeed won!

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      4. And breeeaaathe Cheri 🌸 do my video, my gift to you to chill n realign. More to process, thankyou. I’ve seen the reptilian overlay, dissolved it in light on clients. Yes, the inversion of kundilini makes so much sense and blocking in base chakras. Had two baths, a walk, and rested πŸ‘πŸΌ. Self care, self care, self care SiStar βœŒπŸΌπŸŒΈπŸ›€πŸ„β€β™€οΈβ€

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      5. πŸ‘check that my friend! The grief clearing with this release is enormous! You were right on with the tumor analogy. Hearing now about cancer healing in the blueprint. Really helps my heart to share! Thanks so much! Flow flow children and know no woe. The nightmare is over. Love you! 😘

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