Portals Update New Moon Mantras

New Moon Virgo to Libra. Adding fuel to our equinox fires, we are burning through all that holds us back from walking our highest path. Libra is the scales of balance. Karma. 333 Portal energies are surging through us, lightbody activation. 999 CERN dark portal is still fully operational, keep force field powered up in light. We are heading into 1111 quantum leap, stay steady and centred in good vibrations. It’s all coming together just fine πŸŒ€

Harness Libra new moon by holding the vibration of release. Let the shadows in our lives fade. Low frequency folk are vibrating out of our lives. Good. Show up for yourSelf this weekend beautiful people.

Ritualise Libra new moon by speaking aloud three things you wish to release from your life (relationships, toxins, habits or spaces). Thank each for the lessons, be grateful, allow time for quiet grief, set the intention to Move On. Burn a candle, some sage, bless yourSelf in love.

Speak aloud three things you want more of, you embrace with grace, humility and gratitude. Light a candle. Embrace your life with joy in your heart. Anchor timelines in light ceremony, meditation and mantras.

333 Portal and 999 CERN gateway Mantras
All energies not of my creation I return to sender.
I power up the force field of Light around me protecting me from anything that may mean or cause me harm.
I embrace all upgrades available to me at this time under the protection of my higher self.
I am one with source light, a bringer of truth, justice and peace.
I share love, I receive love, I am love.

New Moon Mantras
I release all that no longer serves me to my highest purpose.
I allow all that holds me back to fade.
I burn blocks to abundance, self love and joy, Now.
I am one with Gaia in her ascension, releasing all that weighs me down.
I anchor my light to Gaia.
I embrace an upgraded life filled with love, peace and joy.
Namaste πŸ™πŸΌ

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