The Grace Period is Over 10.10.19

Drip feeding of truth has been carried out by volunteers, travellers and healers since 1945. The rainbow children arrived on the cusp of our new millennia. 2012 was ignition for Mayan prophesied Great Awakening. 2015 we regrouped. 2019, the final phase of cosmically engineered pause on Gaia’s ascension. Gaia complied, her earth guardians held space for us. We raised our vibrations, anchored our light to the material plane, planted seeds of awakening. We spread Light through the matrix like a virus, loosening dirt, grit and grime, clearing. We have aligned with Gaia to fifth dimensional vibratory fields. Phew. We broke through to other side, the fourth dimension, in late August 2018. We have been riding the trippy waves of cosmic transition ever since.
Assimilation into fifth dimension vibrations is cosmic surfing stormy seas of karmic clearing and lightbody activation. We are steering our ship, we are responsible for the load, direction, energy and focus of our Selves.

Our quantum leap with Gaia was made possible by decades of lightwork carried out within the matrix to rewrite it from the inside. Light warrior activation codes uploaded by many travellers in early 2019, have prepared us for the coming Great Klearing. There is intensive work ongoing on the astral, rest and be gentle if you resonate with these words. Maintaining the health and wellbeing of our sacred trinity mindbodysoul being is just as essential as activities on the astral. We may use the term avatar, or humansuit, loosely, to describe the experience of being human, but we feed the matrix with this inversion of truth. Our guides and higher self are the team we brought with us for our Mission. Existential organic life is our individual karmic growth and evolution. The pay off for volunteering is we have the opportunity to consciously clear thousands of lifetimes of karma in the profound, rare and momentous energies of Gaia’s ascension field. As long as we are prepared to go there, the dark night of the soul. We meet fear, tears, pain and hurt head on. We spring clean our souls in Gaia’s translucent waters of source light. 

Grace period is over. Backlash. Karma is here. We are reaping what we’ve sown. If we were busy bees in the sun light, rearranging the furniture of our lives to allow flow of love, joy and peace, we are going to live it. If we were waspish, irritating, buzzing round others, nit picking, criticising, judging, duck. The karmic mirror is in place, all we give will be reflected back to us. If we were aggressive, arrogant, attacking, entitled, stinging with harsh words and deceitful actions, run, hide. She’s a comin for ya. We can’t fake this. It’s a vibration. A frequency. We’re either there or we aren’t. Fake awake exposure through 2019, spiritual ego locking out truth, source divinity and light. Humility is not a frequency we find in spiritually egotistical folk, theirs is a self congratulatory world of redpill entitlement. Dissolve Atlantean behaviour modification technologies in source light. The event is happening. It’s all around us, the train wreck of truth as she destroys all who live in worlds of deceit. Authenticity is the cut off point between those who lie to maintain a self image they find acceptable, and those of us who faced our shadows and live to tell the tale. We know our traumas, our glitches, our vulnerabilities and have declared we LOVE ourselves, every cell, every bone, muscle, breath and magical pulse.

The wasteland of 2019 karmic kick off is all around us. Blue pillers hold their resistance, their refusal to See, as their ultimate weapon. The inversion was once hard to see, in fourth realm realness we can’t miss it. Blue pill stance is to reject truth in preference for main(frame)stream-ed narratives of the cabal matrix. It is the plug-me-back in mentality. The quantum field has exposed too many truths  for people to claim ignorance. Black market, dark web, elitist paedophile rings, child and women slavery, rapes, beatings. Wanton war, destruction, the arms industry, racism underpinning world politics, corporate capitalist consumerism causing climate chaos. Ufos, alien technology, intergalactic federations, space ships, motherships, crop circles. Ghosts, ghouls, astral travel, demons, angels, possession, curses. Glitches, viruses, mal-e-functions, clones, hybrids…. Layers of truth, the rabbit holes are deep, twisty, dark and traumatic, but the signposts to them are up in the collective cultural forum. The grace period is over. Enough truths are out there for each individual to make a sovereign choice, what to consume, believe, and be.

The gloves are off, Aries full moon 13th October heralds the new paradigm. 

Andromedean Brother Channelling

‘Phase 5 has begun. The grace period is over. A cosmic pause button set in 2015 has been released. Intergalactic federation decisions taken in early earth year 2015, to slow down the ascension field, allowed people linear time to awaken. A huge surge in energetic effort from all involved, we hadn’t entirely prepared for. The reasons were Anunaki assault was sustained, relentless and dynamic. The Arcturian council high command were many light years away. They were contacted and agreed to travel to Gaia. Anunaki did the same with their leader. 2015 saw a profound and intensive energetic space of regrouping, plan B was put into action. Inertia programmed, coded, conditioned into the general population is supported by astral possession of humanities souls. A plague of enormous proportion. Devil worship fostered in the elite psyche for many thousands of years. Sacrificial ritual led to a dark energetic machine of recycling, possessing, and siphoning of human souls. Trauma based energetic and mind control technologies destroyed the integrity, the very fabric of the human soul. Shaman from across the infinite multi verse answered the call. Light missionaries walking the earth chose to leave to join forces on the astral, the lightwork entrusted to healers and volunteers anchored to the material plane in human lifetime.

Sky wars intensified. Conflict between dark and light stepped up and all the prophesies were finally fully comprehended. Pyramids, lighthouses, beacons of truth to evil dotted all over the galaxy. Gaia’s sacred geometric alignments are divine, we at Federation central continue to be amazed by the layers, wheels, depths that keep coming from the ascension field. We digress. Phase 4 was implemented. A huge push for enlightenment on the ground coupled with cosmically aligned energetic light waves began. The urgency many of you experienced to awaken loved ones was this surge in awakening cellular restructuring. Upgrades. Lightbody activation on the material plane accelerated. Plant based diet broke into the main-stream. Political awakening swept nations. Journalism took an injection of warrior truth, whistle blowers, anonymous hackers, a coordinated assault on the matrix. Star wars, laser beam technologies to engineer weather were targeted. Chaos ensued. The task for lightworkers was to stay grounded in light frequencies, allow space for karmic growth and raise the vibrations within and so without. The light matrix was birthed in light vibrations, mimicking the matrix infrastructure, woven by dedicated light warriors traversing many dimensional realities. Our teams, on the other side of the veil, operating in quantum time, ensured maximum effort in the mass retrieval of humanities soul integrity.’

Gratitude Andromedean Brother 🙏🏼

2019 retrograde power pulled back layer after layer of karma for those who walked the path of awakening. The final quantum leap is aligned with Aries full moon 13.10.19. It will last 24 to 48 current linear hours and will occur within the days of the full moon rays. We prepare by creating safe space to ascend in. Water for hydration, nature for vibratory alignment. Inhabit a mindful energy to remain grounded, we can soar high in these waves. Routines will anchor us to hold us on the material plane as our crown and third eye charkas take a massive upgrade. Our heart chakras flutter as the waves of zen vibration wash through us and around us.  Sphere of protective light round us, force field powered up, protected at all times from anything that may mean or cause us harm. Let the mantras flow, they are voice activation in the matrix, they are commands for energetic navigation.

Cosmic surfing is staying centred, core strong, legs stable, flexible and flowing, shoulders back, able to embrace the elements in their glory. Imagine our yoga mat is our cosmic surfboard, put some good music on and move. Dance. practise yoga, xi gong, anything that your body wants to do… just don’t fall off the mat! Keep practising, flowing with your favourite tunes, soaring in the light that will stream through onto the material plane. Ritualise the full moon with ceremony of light. Set intentions for the Aries full moon quantum leap. A 5 year plan, fill in the details, visualise, get specific. Crystals are gonna be like kryptonite after this full moon! Aries is the energy of youth, enthusiasm, vision, imagination, compassion, ambition and optimism. Channel these frequencies. What are we birthing? Manifest timelines, let your imagination go for it. Be a Dreamweaver.

Negative habits, people and places are vibrating out of our existence. We choose, we have regained our sovereignty. Our freedom. We become containers for abundance. We are moving into the energetic vibration of receiving. All our positivity, joy, healing and happiness, we are bearing the fruits of all of it. Our journey begins here. All we have learnt, all we now know about ourselves will ground us, embed in our psyches. We are levelling up again with the coming quantum leap. We won’t ever go back. Once we reach the next level of 5d integrated lightbody dna activations, that’s it, we don’t go back. We evolve, progress, expand, these are exciting times friends. The universe is delivering what we’ve earned. And she’s only just getting started. It’s already happening isn’t it? Our dreams are already coming true, and we’re not even there yet!

Chiron continues her quiet, stealthy, sharp retrograde through our souls. More truths, more hearts of the matter to come to the surface, but the majority of the healing is done. Moving on up beautiful people! Gratitude, humility and grace are frequencies directly tuned to 5d and higher. Stay grounded in the furniture of our lives, the present moments of joy, happiness, peace and love. Meditate friends, as much as you can. The downloads that are already coming through are massive. Have a pen and paper nearby, use music to set and tune into baseline emotional frequencies. Meditation is dynamic, real, energetic and quantum. Allow it. surrender to spaces of insight, enlightenment and illumination by consciously creating space for SELF over the next few days. And brreeeeeaaathe. It’s gonna be a magical ride. One filled with wonder, karmic justice and spiritual safety. Our angels are here, they’ve got our backs, have no fear cosmic surfers. Ride waves of cosmic upgrades and manifest a world of abundance for Self and All. In light and love beautiful people. 



13 thoughts on “The Grace Period is Over 10.10.19”

  1. I have been following you for over a year and everything that you write resonates deeply. Thank you for guiding me on my journey. At the dark times, your words were the only things that helped me to stay centred, to continue to cleanse my chakras and karma, raise my vibrations, eliminate the toxic relationships from my life and to continue on my path. Namaste

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  2. I’m so glad the Universe guided me to your website so I can read your advice and explanations of why I’ve been feeling the way I’ve been feeling since 2018!

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