1111 Quantum Leap Gateway 444 Upgrades Incoming

Quantum leap gateway. The final jump of 2019 has happened. Light workers, warriors, earth guardians, healers, Seers, light missionaries still walking the material plane… WE MADE IT. We are in 5d. The Shift is energetic. We raised our vibrations through intensive childhood, ancestral and past life karmic clearing. Forcing all those not on our wavelength to back the fuk off. We have taken control of our lives, wrenched our sovereignty out the claws of the users and abusers, the liars and deceivers. Their lives are their own business now. They shriek, growl, howl and spit as we cut the cords, cutting off their energy supply from us. Fuk em. Our lives are ours now. We create, we manifest, we breathe life into our dreams, we manifest with truth in our hearts.

Realignment to higher states of being in a world lost in darkness was no easy task. All those who resonate with my words We Are Changing the World. The divine feminine rises, unstoppable in her sacred rage. Mary Magdalene rejoices as each one of us returns to our Self. Her love caresses us in divine source light. Her angels bathe us in cosmic light rays.

Light warriors, we’ve only just begun, right? They ain’t seen nothing yet. Society is flipping, inversion righting itself. Blue pillers have lost their ground. Theirs is a shaky, fearful, deluded world, lying to themselves more than anyone else. Red pillers refusal to play along in blue pillers narrative IS the Shift. We are not alone in the multi verse. Angels and demons exist. Inequality is a lie. Lack of resources, too many people, all a lie. It’s a small world folks. We are here. We are the bringers of light. We are healers, warriors, here to purge the darkness from humanities soul.

Rebirth. Transformation. Enlightenment.

We walk the path of light, all who seek hope from darkness come to us. We hold our arms open. We embrace all those ready to take the red pill. We hold safe space for the tired, traumatised, lost souls seeking inner peace and joy.

1111 Quantum Leap portal is closed, our world has energetically shifted. 444 Lightbody crystalline activation codes coming through. Cellular restructuring as we embed in 5d. DNA upgrades held in 333 lightwaves available for download, Mantra I embrace all upgrades available to me at this time under the protection of my higher self. Rest, meditate, create space for reflection, growth and insight. Move, stretch, breeeeaaaaathe. It’s done cosmic surfers βœŒπŸΎπŸ„β€β™€οΈπŸŒšπŸ’—


8 thoughts on “1111 Quantum Leap Gateway 444 Upgrades Incoming”

    1. No contact from my warrior sistar in Washington state. Is all good over there? London assimilating, not stabilised yet. Lumerya shimmering in source light, her mermaids sparkle in her seas, the divine Gaia earth guardians accept our gift of love. Divine Feminine cosmic alignment established. Divine masculine triggered. Sending love and light to all πŸŒˆπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ§œβ€β™€οΈπŸ§šβ€β™€οΈπŸ•ΊπŸ’ŽπŸŒΈ

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      1. So many beautiful gridworkers on this site. Linda thank you for your work, it has been brutal! Would love to hear from Washington State too Morag. Now that the kids are free and most of the dark consciousness altars and black magic grids are dismantled the Nephilim are now clearing through from the false timelines created when they infiltrated the wheat in Atlantis cleaving the double diamond sun blueprint. You know I work specifically on dismantling the mind control and I am hearing about Saturn right now, those rings were a control structure and not organic. There is huge resistance from these quantum celestial forces right now and it feels like sandpaper running through the central nervous system. Just punishing on the body. The dark forces are bitching and moaning to the creator about their free will and the loss of their timelines lol! No freaking awareness that they imprisoned the entire planet, pure narcissism and zero consciousness! Although they have been offered every chance for rehabilitation, they continue resist the harvest so we are culling them into just a few of their remaining parallel realities to play their games and live out all their hopes and dreams which are the stuff of our nightmares. The whole universe is being reordered and everything is being reengineered back into organic timelines free from the entire mind control structure. This is the growing harmonization we are feeling. Soon our brains will be back to just being receivers only so the population can drop back into the heart to lead their journies.
        Damon I hear you brother but if you were aware of the battle we gridworkers have been in to free the planet you would say fuk em too! hahahaha! I am always being assaulted by these dark idiots in the quantum astral giving me the big red satanic double barrel fingers telling both me and the creator to fuk off omg! They are a nasty batch of evil doers hell bent on power and they are pissed as hell that they have lost galactic access as the secret space program is almost fully dismantled with the freeing of the children. As an aside I think a fuken is a multidimensional avian term for a group of those of us with the avian lightbodies lol! When my higher self was sequencing my lightbody to do this work they kept calling me a cunt which I kept telling them was insulting lol! They said it was a female avian term omg!
        So my beautiful friends and fellow light warriors we have won the spiritual battle and this is the cleanup! It all has to clear in the spiritual before it can manifest in the natural. This is our work! Love to you all from Northern California and the cities by the bay where the starfish are spinning in beautiful crystal cities as we come into vibration with them once again! Nobody said it better than the B52’s in the song and lyrics of “Topaz”. A few more months for us to clear the remnants and reharmonize the time matrix. With so much love from the entire Arcturian fleet over here in a wide open portal being run by Ashtar who is the ET presence of prime creator. Let’s wrap er up team! 😘

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  1. Oh my God, can it be true? It has been such a long haul through this quicksand. My body feels worn thin as a frayed piece of silk. It has been an epic ride. I am so grateful to still have a body, to be here as witness and participant in a shift of an age. To be one to lay down the love light grid on this beautiful earth being. Deep sigh……and huge thank you to you and all of us who have made this happen. We are blessed.

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  2. “Fuk em” are you kidding? Disappointing! This language and sentiment is not the vibration of compassion that leads to the light. Others may not be where you are, but dismissing them with this dismissive and perhaps self-congratulatory ethos seems far from being light-worthy.

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  3. Shocked me too. Humble gratitude and joy for our awareness and compassion for those who are lost is the way of love.


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