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Elemental Transformation 5 Ways to Stay High Vibe in Dark Portals

Phew. We are catching our breath between tsunamis of clashing frequencies. The fourth realm is the dimensional space we inhabit. The fourth realm has a surreal quality to it, it lacks the density of the third dimension. Those vibrating on lower spectrum are navigating a dark, paranoid, envious and fearful world. Their demons have caught up with them. Folk who have taken self care algorithms of light to heart are making their way up the frequencies. Meditation, gratitude, mindfulness, spiritual practise, movement, intellectual expansion are the hallmarks of a person waking up to their divinity within the matrix. Dimensional slippage is occurring as we align and adjust our internal cellular vibrations. Over exposure to the matrix, crowds and synthetics will lower our vibration. Nature, breathwork, self love and boundaries will embed us in higher vibratory fields. We take the reins through this ascension business. We take back our sovereignty, make decisions for ourSelves, from the heart, informed by our gut, our third eye, our intuition. We are woven into the framework of love, fifth dimensional energies shimmer though Gaia’s ascension field. We steer our ship through these stormy seas of liberation with courage, determination and self love.

CERN activated dark portals are causing chaos on the material plane. Only visible to those whose third eyes are operational within the matrix. For most the experience is on the periphery of their consciousness. Disturbing dreams, confusion, forgetfulness and fear permeate the atmosphere. Too many still sleep. Too many are functioning on low dimensional frequencies. Lightworkers are preparing to step up our Light offensive on the material plane. 2019 has been Assimilation of higher and lower self. For those who did the work, karmic clearing, self care and surrender, our connectivity to Self has undergone a quantum leap in transformation. We are clearing the clutter, the dregs of our old matrix avatars, cleansing our auras, our homes and our lives in crystalline light. As we do this we raise our vibrations and exit the matrix. We still function within it, operate within the constructs of its tiny little boxes. We bust out the boxes by thinking, breathing, BEing in our heart. We disengage from the details of lower dimensional politics. Deceit, lies and toxic tabloid brainwashing has to be navigated carefully. We walk a fine line between exposure to mind control and maintaining connectivity to activities on lower dimensional fields. Time has dissolved. Time was smashed, broken, reset. We dissolved linear time, an algorithm of the matrix, and entered the quantum field.

Our internal vibration dictates our external experience, if we are not in control, the opposite occurs. We can adjust our frequency as and when we choose. We can purposely lower it, See the world through the eyes of the damned. Darkness, fear, paranoia, demons and devastation, lower realm earth is visible on the material plane anytime we want to see it. We can physically go to low realm spaces, homeless communities piled up under bridges, on the streets. We can volunteer to help at food banks, addiction centres, women’s refuges. All are home to oppression, engineered lower vibratory fields of hopelessness, helplessness, depression, violence. Demonic attachments borne from matrix addictions and toxins. We can meander through shopping malls, breathe fake air, under fake lights, with fake music and fake people. A virtual synthesis of mind control algorithms. Healers see the darkness. Walking down our high street we see those who stick their nose in the air, snarl and sneer at dirty, messy, untidy drug addicts, poor folk cluttering up their tidy, synthetic worlds. We watch busy people, too busy to see what’s in front of their faces, devastation, darkness and desperation. We view the empaths, their faces twisting in pain as they hand out money, water, food, kindness. All frequencies are operating simultaneously. We choose what we SEE and how we interact.

We control the dial. We can raise our vibrations in nature, joy, laughter, love, positive thought and action. We can immerse ourselves in sound baths, dance halls and sacred circles, meditating love vibration out into the world. We emit light in the matrix. We are the lighthouse. We are the Light. Transcending low density matrix bandwidths, we come online as energetic beings within a vast, shimmering tapestry of quantum life in the multi verse. We break the chains of oppression, conditioning and programming. We step into our authentic selves and literally break the matrix in our heads, in our hearts and in our auric field. We dissolve the darkness as we bring ourselves online with higher dimensional wavelengths. We can reach way beyond the fifth within the biosphere. The fifth dimension membrane was breached in October 2019, we literally birthed the new earth. Light waves come not only from the cosmos, also from us. We can break on through to the other side spiritually anytime we want now.

We are in the heart of darkness friends. We must stick together, hold space for our growth and congratulate ourselves on still being here. We have been targeted, we have been attacked, we have been handled, bullied, manipulated, not just by people in our lives but by the whole system we breathe in. Never underestimate how hard it was for each of us to get here. We have all fought demons to have made it this far. We hold the vibratory codes of shahmbala in our core now, we are wired into its crystalline frequencies. We adapt our vibratory field to enable us to interact, to continue to exist on the material plane. This is our mission. The matrix and its engineers are no fools. The light matrix was unexpected, in fact they may not be fully aware of its presence in the mainframe yet, so much activity is occurring. The matrix, AI, is designed to be dynamic, to respond to changes in its energetic circumstances. We infiltrate. We have entered the matrix under cover of darkens, stealth mode, if you’re reading this, you survived, well done, a lot of us haven’t made it. Enough of us did. We raised the vibrations to tipping point this year 2019. The divine feminine anchored and immediately turned her attention to the wounded masculine. The world is on its knees and we are here to raise all to spaces of love, peace and abundance. We do this by BEing present on the material plane.

5 habits to stay high vibe through dark portals and general matrix bs

  1. Be kind to yourself. Rest, hydrate, exercise.
  2. Be hyper vigilant regarding exposure to the matrix, anything main-stream and high profile. Be responsible, protect, cleanse and realign.
  3. Create space for reflection, downloads come when we are quiet and in the zone for them.
  4. Adapt to do lists to baseline energy, what do I feel like doing today? As opposed to I need to do everything or inertia, I can’t do any of it, I’m overwhelmed. Cherry pick, work with what you’ve got, be pragmatic about your time, energy and how you use it.
  5. Smudging, protection, crystals and mantras integrated into our day to day life. After being exposed to lots of people stating the instruction All energies not of my creation I return to sender. It’s like taking your coat off when you get indoors, it should become automatic. We are becoming responsible for our own energy.

Each lightworker, healer, empath and traveller knows their mission. Downloads have been intensive this year, following 5 years of ongoing lightwave 444 lightbody activations. We all are driven by a need to heal. Resistance to our light has been challenging. Nurturing, self care, love and healing, were bad words in the old matrix, the new matrix has had to adapt, to allow. Veganism, plant based living is breaching the main-stream. We watch mind control algorithms glitch all around us. We observe, detached, spiritual levitation in lit fields of light. We surrender to crystalline consciousness, transcending the dome, our spirits communing with guides, angels, spirit animals and ancestors to receive guidance and love during these dark days of the enlightenment. Nobody said it would be easy, tbf though, nobody said it would be this hard either. Most of us are now present to our identity as travellers, healers from other worlds. We are connected to source and understand our mission. We also fight the urge to exit stage left most days. Engaging with ignorance, entitlement, stupidity, coldness, arrogance and vanity in others is deeply draining, infuriating and depressing. We retreat into our sacred circles, sticking with people and places that make us feel good. Seed sowing has got us this far. Now things change friends.

The Shift is a shift of perspective from fear to love. From greed to compassion. From envy to celebration. It is elemental. The collective consciousness has been burning through blocks to expansion wired into our psyches by the machine. Fire is the first elemental vibration of transcendence. We burn baby burn. We burn through conditioning algorithms, self care blocks, mind control programs, untill we reach our soul. We return to our divinity. Air allows us to expand into our identity. Throat chakra activation, connecting our voice to our heart, root and crown. We become one with SELF. We return. We speak our truth. We earth, ground, anchor our expansion, our clearing, our evolution when we shift the furniture of our lives to accommodate our expansive state. Water is flow, surrender to universal love vibrations. Water is the elemental space of self love. We allow the universe to gift us, we have learned to receive. We are containers, responsible, earthed, expansive, blocks cleared, no leaks. The fifth element, the ether comes when we have raised our vibratory field to align with fifth dimensional spiritual freedom. When we astral travel, telepathy kicks in, we engage and interact with the world as fully functioning, energetic beings of light having a human experience. We have shifted from limited belief systems into higher consciousness spaces where anything is possible. We are the Dreamweavers, the creators, the manifestors of our new earth. By embodying each elemental space, allowing ourselves time to explore each state, learn, grow, release, we retrieve our soul and return to Self.

The new moon in Sagittarius 27.11.19 is breathing life into Fire. We’ve been burning through the blocks to our divinity for several years, the fifth dimension is here energetically and she brings lightwaves of expansion. We breathe into our new, souped up Selves. Figuring out how telepathy works, getting to know this new higher self, lower self assimilation business. Our gut speaks louder than our ego. In fact our ego seems to be permanently napping these days, as third eye insight steps up to the control tower. The pressures of our daily lives still mean many of us are interacting with low vibratory spaces too much causing anxiety and disruption. This is going to change. The transition from 3d matrix jobs, roles, to higher vibratory disciplines like reiki, crystal healing, reflexology, yoga, teaching and breathwork are taking over the main-stream. Couch potatoes with smug grins, clogged hearts and mocking minds are about to eat their own words. The world has shifted whether the majority of the population realise or not.

Self care is a light algorithm that has corrupted much of the core of the old matrix. People understand work life balance is important. People are learning the effects of stress and anxiety on our mind and bodies. People are waking up to massive lies around resources, rich and poor divide, war, consumerism and corporatism. People are leaning into the ascension, whether consciously or unconsciously. The collective has been awakened. People are seeing we are still in the time of pharaohs, Caesars, feudal systems. Temples are parliament and corporations, the puppets are in suits and say yaaaahhhhh a lot, but it boils down to the same pyramidial structure of hierarchical control. The super elite flash their wealth at us every day. Big mistake. Biiiiiig mistttakkke. There’s always been more of us than them #tupac

We are holding space for ourselves as we process all that has occurred in the last 12 months. We take stock. We breathe. We catch our breath. We broke the black clock set by Johnson and his scaly cronies. Will 12.12.19 happen, or will we be forced to watch the car crash that is the UK political scene continue into 2020. Much depends on politically woke blue pillers, still inert to their divinity, yet woke enough to stretch their political rights and demand some compassion in our policies. We wait and watch the lizard royals shake in the glare of public spotlight, will the playboy favourite be subpoenaed by the FBI for his evil partying. The backlash against consumerism fights the onslaught of selfie, status obsessed celebrity mind control programming. Those of us observing shake our head in disbelief. Soul siphoning, black energy wizardry and satanic ritual underpin, birth, engineer the whole nasty mess.

The dark vortex is suppressing light energy waves in the atmosphere. The elite are blasting us with sound wave technologies designed to confuse us, affecting short term memory and connectivity. The cabal are pumping up the chaos factor on the global stage, everywhere we look there is death, destruction, torture, rape, trauma, sexual abuse and suffering. CERN is flooding the biodome with attachments, entities birthed in satanic ritual. Archon, archaic, ghosts and ghouls looking for light to feed off. Consumerism poisons us with toxic products. Our minds are controlled by main-stream tv, billboards, advertising, film and music all engineered in nazi subliminal mind control techniques with a dash of dark energy wizardry thrown in just to make sure we don’t wake up. Well guess what….it hasn’t worked #wokefolk. We. Are. Here. Despite all of it. It hasn’t worked. It slowed us down but it ain’t taken us out. We keep doing what we know has worked so far. Maintain boundaries around self respect, self love and self care. We rest. We reflect. We grow.

If reaching those dizzy heights of meditative source bliss is proving difficult don’t worry, it’ll come back. Seek healing therapies to help get energies flowing. Be creative. Be mindful. Sometimes when we struggle with meditation its because we are being guided to connect more with our human existence, be present, in the moment, this is a big part of our mission, to be human. To be in the human experience. It comes in waves, ebb and flow. Avoid imposing routines that demand daily energetic consistency and often cause feelings of guilt or low self esteem when we don’t or can’t complete them. The energies aren’t working like that yet. Too much dark portal activity, too much hyped up matrix chaos activity. Go with what flows. A good movie or boxset can be just as beneficial for us, especially if it makes us think, question, laugh or empathise, than a massage or an hours meditation. Its about assimilation. We are balancing being travellers here with a mission and BEing here. Anything that makes us feel negative should be avoided, dropped, cut, severed, dissolved. The spaces we feel good in are the ones we should aim to inhabit. We can do this because we already are. Waves of light vibrations puncture the darkness. We feel light frequencies wash through us from top to toe. We know the light is here. We feel the ascension field shimmer and glow. We are part of this, beautiful people. Peace up the rEvolution 🌈