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2020 Upgrade Twins Soundbites and Recalibration


24.01.20 New Moon Aquarius – 9.02.20 Full Moon Leo – 23.02.20 New Moon Pisces Moontime Divine Feminine riiiiiissssssiiiiiiing

Aquarius to Pisces vibratory shift January to February in Sun and Moon. Transformational gateway fuelled in 24.01.20 new moon Aquarius frequencies creates a cosmic wave which will peak through February’s Leo full moon 9.02.20. We invert the inversion, 22 meets 9 square on, love and hate. The gateway will close with Pisces New Moon 23.02.20. The sun moves into Pisces on 26.02.20, wisdom comes knocking beautiful people. Aquarius to Pisces Shift in Moon and Sun vibratory fields is all about twin flame energy. Love is here on Gaia, Divine feminine and masculine vibrations, 222, source light magnetises the material plane. Aquarius to Pisces Moon and Sun is magical transcendence. The fourth realm vibrates in angelic light friends. This huge shift is occurring across Gaia’s material plane, affecting all who walk her green and hallowed land. The collective consciousness is going to experience a massive shift in 2020. The drop from head to heart, ego to heart chakra, fear to love, will be felt as an earthquake in dimensional frequency, bending time and space. Twins drop out of time and space, the ripples affect all who breathe light in the darkness. Love in all her magnificent forms permeates the biodome. We bring the light friends. And we are briiiiiinng it in 2020. Fo’ sure!

19.02.20 Sun moves Aquarius to Pisces Suntime Divine masculine riiiiiisssssiiiiiing

The Sun and Moon are the divine masculine and feminine energies moving in harmony. The last week of January 2020 saw the sun move into Aquarius and the new moon in Aquarius, this is beautiful and divine harmonizing of feminine and masculine energies on Gaia’s ascension field. We can see 222 twin flame source energy bubbling into the collective consciousness, love vibrations permeating the atmosphere. Sun and Moon Piscean energies will manifest in the collective as expansion into magic. We observe light matrix self care algorithms taking flight across the matrix. A transcendental gateway, activated by twins present on the material plane, accessible due to celestial alignment in the Askari galaxy, ride the waves of upgrades cosmic surfers. A palpable shift in the trippy light waves of fourth realm existence. Our linear calendar barely holds the machinery of the matrix together, time has accelerated beyond comprehension on the ground. Time in the matrix no longer exists, it slows down and speeds up simultaneously. We may feel our lives are being turned upside down in love vibrations. We are walking rainbows on the material plane friends, shimmering, shooting stars, catching light, leaves and change, the matrix falls apart beneath our winged feet. The sun will transition into Pisces on 19.02.20, the new moon will follow, in Pisces 23.02.20. This 222 wave of source love energies is cloaking dark vibratory fields injected into our atmosphere. The peak in Leo’s full moon fire 9.02.20 will help us burn everything still holding us back from walking our highest path. We are being positioned for maximum integration with 444 lightbody upgrades, where we’re going we will need lightness of being to transcend the density of the material plane. It’s all in the numbers beautiful people.

January 2020 1111 Upgrade – February Recalibration 2020 222 444 9

January 2020 upgrade is harnessing all dynamic high frequencies flooding Gaia’s plane to offset, counter balance, attack, the darkest of planetary transitions. 2020 is a leap year, the devil’s year. Switching up the numbers we move from 365 to 366 days. 366 holds cosmic lightwave fields 333, we can expect 4 333 lightwaves through 2020 (we had 3 in 2019). We are already experiencing the ripples of the first, due to hit our shores 3.02.20, 322. January 2020 is the download of upgrades, February will be recalibration. 444 lightbody activation fueled by 222 source archetype masculine feminine energies. The darker elements will play out on the lower realms, we will see intensified panic politics, fear running at a premium through the matrix. 666 flows through 2020 in dark waves of CERN activations. Everything is engineered on the basis of Inversion of sacred numerical alignment. Moves and counter moves friends. 29.02.20 is a black day, a day of inverted worship for those who worship pain, trauma, chaos and evil intent. We meet 29.02.20 in divine light. We consciously raise our vibe, reaching for the stars, inner divinity and outer light in meditation and gratitude. 2922 we are couching, cloaking, cocooning all dark waves in the brightest of lights, 222 crystalline encrypted lightwaves. 2020, 366 days, we are cornering him. Making the spaces he and his army inhabit small, tight, constricted. Its like a Light army of 2s, 3s and 4s ready to take on the 6s and 9s dark portal energy waves throughout 2020.

Light matrix activations are rolling out, the matrix is transforming before our eyes. Mandela effects are occurring in real time. Main-streaming is where we can observe the war for humanities hearts and souls. The dark matrix is plugging the apocalypse into humanities heads, tinder zombie girlfriend anyone? The light matrix responds with truth vibrations funneled through the difficult to control lense of social media. Love Islanders share their truth on social media, prostitution, freebie surgery, suicide attempts and trolling (just like the Hunger Games). The main stream is running these stories because social media gets there first, its running to catch up, then malign, twist to fit the elite narrative and regurgitate in soundbite mind control porgramming. The light matrix adapts quickly, magnetizing and magnifying light truth vibrations, harnessing viral hashtags, soundbites to counter racist, misogynistic, control algorithms. Throat chakra activation is the world finding its voice.

The dark matrix initiated its big algorithmic offensive for 2020 in the UK collective psyche in January 2020 … ‘Woke is Weak’ tah dah. The shiny new updated version of Hippies are dirty, Lefties are cowards, the poor are parasites and women are dangerous (3d matrix codes). Woke is Weak simultaneously spouted by several talking heads, matrix mouthpieces, tabloid tories and trolls. Seeding hatred for the woke movement by linking it to previous woke movements socialism, beatniks and the love and peace movements of the 20th century. It’s so old and predictable once we see it. Yet sure enough the program code will have landed. The racist majority in the UK will grasp onto woke is weak the same way the fascist majority in the US jumped on ‘Beatniks out to make money’. It’s the same thing. Algorithms inverting truth – woke is well…woke, awake, not sleeping, SEEing, beatniks were questioning the system and expanding their minds, an offense in a machine designed to limit thought capacity and turn us into cattle.

MK Codes are hardwired into the collective experience. The hologram projects onto our minds, delivered in soundbite mind control chunks, plugged into the collective consciousness in multiple assaults through main-streaming psychological warfare. The Nazi’s birthed the techniques, the US Eugenics program hoovered all those mad scientists and their deviant research up and the US Military division engineered the 20th century matrix motherboard we’re all so familiar with. The machinery was introduced  as consumerism cloaked in the borrowed robes of democracy, underneath we’ve got a dictatorship, corporate and military seeded by cabal blue bloods. Obey. Consume. Compete. Subliminal and overt mind programming techniques are the reason we have the technology, they allowed us to progress from paupers, peasant and slaves. We have ‘entertainment’, our Gladiator Games in the form Talent shows, reality TV freak shows and the horrorsville that is Daytime TV. The 3d matrix hologram was birthed in limited, highly controlled technological ‘advances’. In North Korea it is a legal offense to turn your TV off, in the West its a cultural offense to turn your TV off. It’s done by many people who worked out TV was the Drug of the Nation in the 70s and 80s, sadly though this is a minority, most folk see it as a capital offense if we don’t follow Saturday night Programming religiously. Society polices itself, feudal fundamentals of control adapted to modern technologies. Incorporating Nazi experiments in psychological control of the human population, eugenics, the superiority of the white elite male algorithm is at the heart of the coding. Fast forward a few decades of memory loops and we’re in 2020. So yes, Woke is a very powerful light algorithm in the machine, one with the potential to break the machine for good. Of course they are going to fire offensives at it. So far in the uk we’ve had ‘woke Is weak’, ‘woke is racist’ and yep you’ve guessed ‘I don’t want to be woke! uttered by talking heads who may or may not be human. The cabal is leaving itself wide open for a million mocking memes. 2020 is going to be amusing if this is the best the elite can come up with.

It’s a miserable way to control a population constantly reminding them they’re not enough, when of course we all are enough and who needs the smug white priviledged lifestyle anyway? Advertising is a Nazi programming tool to brain wash the population into behaving and thinking in certain ways. The human mind in its divine capacity for expansion and creativity leaves itself open to deviant manipulation. The angels saw this and so did the devil. It’s been a war ever since. The fact that the human female is out of this world in her goddess Gaia beauty has not helped matters where the devil is concerned. He and his disciples’ dark desires for possession and ownership of Her have led to sustained oppression and torture, stifling femininity and harnessing masculinity as their weapons of mass destruction, their remit… put out women’s light. We can extend this down other darker rabbit holes, we won’t, the devil gets his nourishment from the darkest of spaces, innocence, purity and beauty are corrupted and made cancerous in devil encoded deviance. And it is deviance beyond anything seen elsewhere in the multi verse. A toxic cocktail focused on the goddess human female, Eve, her divine masculine sabotaged, twisted against her, severed from her. Her children ripped from her, babies stolen, lost, used and abused. The children, if they survive, grow up with splintered souls, the devils who harmed them consuming their light, they become automatons, broken in a system that seeks to destroy all human kindness. All this changes in 2020.

Darktime 2020 Leap Year 366 days 29.02.20 CERN 222 Twin Source Sonlight

The offensive lines are marked in numbers. 366 days. There will 4 333 lightwaves. January 2020 upgrade was dropped in the first 1111 portal of 2020, we are experiencing the effects of those upgrades and will move into a fully ignited 444 activation corridor of light through February 2020 to fully integrate the 2020 January upgrade. Third eye and throat chakra expansion are the encrypted codes running through the January upgrade. Twin flame frequencies are activating heart chakra healing in the collective consciousness. We are witnessing a collective shift from status symbols as reflective of happiness to self love as a building block to happiness. The light matrix is magnifying and maximising mind body soul health into matrix algorithms, pushing out the division/separation of mind body soul codes generated by the matrix. The collective struggles to drop into heart, to dissolve blocks to looking after self, due to these encrypted codes infiltrating our organic beings, severing us from our own divinity by separating us from Self.

Current light matrix algorithms are encouraging the population to look at stress, consumption and waste. We are seeing this on a macro to micro level. The memory loops preventing people from seeing patterns in the matrix are dissolving. Like the Hunger Games mind control narratives are triggered on a tick tock linear numerical basis. Climate chaos has woken the population to how we exist, what materials we use, abuse and discard. We are watching a slow penny drop in the oceans of collective consciousness, we are responsible for the planet and for our own health. We apply this to ourSelves, what do we consume into our minds and bodies. This shift in health consciousness is fatal for the machinery of the matrix. The divided planet is a divided nation is a divided person. People are being encouraged in light matrix activation and by lightwork operatives on the ground spreading the word of self care, to reconnect to Self and to our beautiful planet. In January 2020 several Billionaires signed a document requesting they pay MORE taxes, they feel embarrassed to have so much wealth, responsible for what they do with their power and loyal to humanity, to our world, this really bucks the system and is a clear sign of lightworker infiltration and light matrix application. We have infiltrated the system at every, single, level friends.

The division/separation is not between mind body and soul, the real division is between the super greedy and the rest of us. Polarity breaks apart political and social dialogue, cyberland, smart phones and social media expose people’s inner thoughts, we navigate a much more honest world now. The fake sheen that was drawn across people’s faces in fear and brain washing implementation of Nazi technologies, the Orwellian 1984 matrix, is melting, like the Wicked Witch of the West, as we pour light on it. People talk about wearing societies masks, about greed being the root of all evil in our society, about the unfair distribution of wealth, in public online forums. Launching the technological age was always going to be risky for the cabal, their intense need to subdue us and feed off us meant they ignored their own impulse to keep us dwelling in metaphorical caves and instead allowed us their Capitol advancements, its backfiring on them, they run to play catchup. The matrix AI world wide web was birthed in a cauldron of darkness, it is currently being attacked on all fronts by light encrypted coding. We wait and observe what the outcome will be. Chinese style firewalls to separate the zones? Limited access in data control? The benefits of tracking and monitoring us much more closely outweighed the risks for the cabal…Like Frankenstein’s monster, this strategy is going to backfire.

We witness the super wealthy run on ‘let them eat cake’ algorithms, plugging their obscene lifestyles at every turn into our subconsciousness, its like they’ve forgotten the French revolution altogether. How many security guards can they hire? How many armoured personnel to transport them and their diamonds, handbags worth more than most people’s homes, and trail of waste, before someone says, ah enough. The poor are armed in America, the rich made sure of that. The super élite are terrified, when the devil is your god, your blood runs on cold fear. Ancestral, rooted, seeded, propagated in illuminati families over centuries, if not thousands of years, the tiny gold clad, majority run the world. Hybrids. Human, as in folk who smile when babies giggle, not see them as dinner, are waking up to themSelves, what makes us human. People are calling out the super wealthy in grounded, rational social media rhetoric. It’s deeply satisfying to witness. We aren’t armed with pitchforks and swords, we are armed with hashtags and memes, and in our modern day world, these are weapons of mass destruction in the hands of the peasant majority. Let them SHARE cake! Then clean up after themselves and recycle the leftovers, d’uh.

Actively looking for the good news, the light matrix seeping into darkness, and sharing, talking about and breathing fire into positivity is our job. We can blow black sticky cobwebs away by finding the good stories, spotting the positive algorithms as they infiltrate dark mind control machinery. The copycat virus has been inverted by lightworkers working deep undercover. Woke is well, woke…not sleeping. Truth awakens. The dark matrix inverts… woke is weak, a psychological soundbite launched into the soundscape of the matrix, worming its way into people’s psyches. The light matrix kicks in, so you wanna stay sleeping? D’uh. We’re at the very beginning of something quite profound in the world, a transformative space, shifting and magnetizing, shimmering, penetrating shadows, filaments of light, compounds love, tidal waves of high vibrations. 2019 is done beautiful people. We approach 2020 knowing the war we are part of, knowing our roles and knowing where we stand in this ever shifting space in Gaia’s ascension field. We stand in the light, at all times. Peace up beautiful people.




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