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  1. Right on beautiful Mama Morag! You guys have the last dark pillar to fall as London is the Illuminati financial pillar of control! The mind control sine wave or python is almost fully collapsed! My team just found and cleared the hexagram on the Los Angeles (fallen angels) grid deeply embedded in the torus field which will collapse the Hollyweird pillar. Am seeing literal cartoon characters funnel through as the white rabbits gather into their few remaining apocolyptic timelines before they are collapsed lol! Finally down to collapsing the fall of the once epochs of high consciousness aligned with Orion and Draco which will restore the two original root races of maji grail and asian dragon! Big things happening as all these false memory implants are removed from the infiltration of the Library at Alexandria where the master codes of creation were destroyed! Great to hear from you! Massive wake up happening with no distractions! Interesting times as all our spiritual work comes to fruition and manifestation here in 3d. So much love to you my fellow warrior from team Hilarion and Prime Creator! WWG1WGA family! 😘

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    1. Hey Cheri, been locked down inside lockdown, kept off cyberspace more or less as we moved through 2020’s ascension field. Got word confirmed today all has gone to plan. We. Did. It. Sistar! How are you and your team? In deepest love, comrade, empress and fellow traveller xxx


      1. So great to hear from you Morag! Man are we at peak crazy here in 3d or what lol! I am so glad to hear you got this confirmation! Thank you for sharing this omg! I have been so busy working on deprogramming the Nephilim and rehabilitating the fragmentation that occured when Amenti fell that I am swamped with the magnitude of this task which is saying something because I am a powerhouse! As prime creator clears his fallen angelic creational structure I can see all the fragmentation reassembling at the atomic level where I work (like the 2d firmament level blueprints) and I knew we were getting down to it as we are finally working on deconstructing what they call “the hologram” running through our omnipresence! I am almost finished dismantling the entire false light structure molecularly and it has been hell! Plastic and plexiglass running through me molecularly as we clear the black box tech or metatronic cube holding the AI programming and reclaim the platonic solids! I so love hearing from you as I never get confirmation because the work is so freaking fierce and non stop but I knew we were getting close because we have the soul family of prime creator running through who were trapped in these false enclosed timelines when Amenti fragmented and collapsed and they were running the suffering and misery programming on the grid. It’s just a horror to feel their misery and transmute it yet all this trapped consciousness is so damn relieved we finally made it to the core structure and to finally be released from the matrix. So on the one hand it is hell because it is so damn dense, inorganic and miserable yet it is just incredible to be able to facilitate it! Thank you so much for sharing this! It lifts my spirits because I know we are connected in spirit and I felt the magnitude of your words! We miss you on social media but there are so many trolls and shills and “role players” being deployed across all the lightworker and awakening sites that I had to finally detach myself from these platforms as well! Love you so much fellow warrior! We did it woohoo! Trust the plan! WWG1WGA! Starseeds, patriots, truthers, light and grid workers have finally taken control of the quantum field! We are witnessing max polarization building the charge necessary to birth anew. The fallen angels are no longer weeping a song of creation! Morag can you get a feel for when I might be done? See what spirit tells you or if you get a message from our family maybe over the next couple days? I felt strongly it is this year because when I am done we will be free from the mind control! No pressure but it feels to me like by December at the latest but my consciousness is spread out all over the blueprints so I never have time to contemplate my own awareness on anything lol! Plus it is super hard to discern what’s real with the false programming running through! Truth is the creator knows no time lol! But this linear perception of ours goes on forever and totally sucks lol! We are at the base tones now thank god! I love you girl! Onward we go! We did it! Yay! Soon we will remember we are all the same source dreaming! 😘😘😘😘


      2. Hey Cheri i thought i had posted this message i posted a second reply instead d’oh! Posting it now x almost there Empress not long to go and much has been accomplished. i will be back online with downloads on the whole thing! Love you Sistar x


      3. Also Morag I want to thank you personally for all you’ve done in support of the ascension both in the physical here encouraging and informing us all on your awesome blogs but through your higher team as well! We never forgot the children! We moved them through our light to heal! I love you for this! You are a fierce warrior and champion like me. It is our divinity in action! So just know we all have such honor and respect for you! All my love Morag! It is a blessing to be on this journey with you 😘


      4. HI Cheri, I took cover again from online activity after receiving your message. Just received an Arcturian Directive, channelled and published so i’m online briefly. Loved your message so much sister, you cannot know how much it meant to me. We have things to discuss sister on the material plane, when the time is right. All your work will be rewarded on the reality plane in ABUNDANCE sister – financial and tribal. You are a shining light in darkness, we honour your work Empress. In divine light, have a peaceful weekend angel, Morag x

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  2. The worm Ouroboros, the serpent eating its own tale in a ‘taste’ of the eternal. We begin, end and begin again.
    That said, I was hopeful for a few more words…
    On Mon, Apr 13, 2020 at 2:31 PM awakening5dhealing wrote:
    > awakening5dhealing posted: ” ” >

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