Super Full Moon 16.10.16

Polarity, progression, transition and transmutation are the key elements of this super full moon, the first of three before 2017. Global political polarisation and profound separation in our own lives. Blue pill people will seem more angry, fearful and obnoxious, red pill people will feel raw, sensitive, tired and emotional. Seek peace and quiet. Protect yourself with crystals, asking your guides in meditation for protection and healing.

We may experience dimensional slippage, feeling trippy and spaced out, you may even feel invisible to some people, as if they can’t or won’t see you. Reach out to your soul tribe to redress the balance.

This is a powerful full moon, a super moon, it will look bigger than normal and sparkle white and beautiful. Bathe in its rays over the next 48 hours. Charge up your crystals and clear and harmonise your chakras in it. Meditate. 

I filmed the moon at 4am when it was at its fullest. It appeared to be changing shape and part of it, top right, is separating. There is also a beautiful green orb captured moving past the camera. 

Super moon mantra: I am loved, I am balanced, I am kind and I am grateful.

#onelove #meditate #chakrabalance #supermoon #orbs #protection #selfcare #bereal #awakening #bemindful 


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