​October Veil Lifts.

We are increasingly seeing, hearing and feeling at our vibrational frequency as we disconnect from the matrix. The conflict between raising our frequencies and the effects of our environment is causing many to experience physical and emotional illness. 
When people who are vibrating at different frequencies share space, as is happening throughout Gaia at this time, friction, tension, clashes and confusion occur. 

These fluctuations in frequency, driven by cosmic shifts and upgrades, are causing possible overload on our systems. This will continue through till February 2017 as humanity is rebooted along with Gaia.  

Navigating this rare, chaotic and profound time is challenging. We are at very real risk of upgrade/hostile reality overload. 

Stay connected to your higher self. Practise mindfulness, meditation and non attachment. Try and remain calm, walk away from drama, breathe deep (throat, chest, stomach) to raise your vibration, release anxiety and stay connected to the universal love flow.

Much love and light beautiful people.

October Veil Mantra: I am safe, I am loved, I am grounded.

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