Energy Update 23.10.16

Midway between two super full moons in this accelerated year of transition and mass awakening “things are getting serious, kumbaya” (Fugees The Score – seminal album). And they are… getting serious. 

The US circus show elections draw ever closer, refugees continue to be sold as sub human in mainstream media and the chasm between those who are out for themselves and those who believe in equality grows wider and deeper every day. Played out on the global political and economic world stage and in our own lives this polarity is causing stress, anxiety, fear, grief, pain, anger and despair in those of us aching for a peaceful world where the abundance of Gaia is fairly distributed.  

Breathe – throat, chest, stomach to release stress and anxiety; meditate as often as you can to raise your frequency and stay calm; stay close to soul tribe to realign and share love and laughter; avoid energy vampires; drink lots of lime water to help ease the symptoms of recalibration. 

Balancing our chakras and maintaining a high vibration will help ease the effects of this polarisation as the veils lift and we see the true colours of the players on the world stage and those in our daily lives. Stay safe & grounded friends. Much love and light beautiful people. Namaste.

#onelove #meditate #chakrabalance #supermoon #reboothumanity 


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