T Day

Either way the outcome today was going to be a strange day for humanity.  A non choice for the American people. A new timeline for humanity, reboot and rebalancing for Gaia and her passengers, this is all part of the awakening process. Let it play out, watch but avoid engaging.  Blue pill people have made their choice, red pill people our role now, more than ever, is to stay positive, be mindful and connected to help raise the frequencies on planet earth. Hold tight beautiful people as the cosmic shakedown of our planet and the ruling elite continues. Rise above the polarity, the extremism and the fear. Mantra: I share love, I receive love, I am love. Namaste.

#breathe #begrounded #veilsarelifting #newearthtimeline #matrixmalfunction #reboothumanity #lovefrequency #recalibration #awakening #raisethevibrations #redpill #meditate #onelove


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