11.11 portal

Today is a beautiful day people. See the wonder in the little things, turn your face to the sunlight, breathe deep (throat, chest, stomach) exhale slowly.  

This tumultuous week is almost over. Allow a wave of deep relaxation to wash over you. Feel good about yourself, who you are, what you’ve achieved, the good things you’ve given the world. When negative thoughts bubble up gently push them away, breathe them out, focus on all the positive things in your life, in our world. Let go of the past and leave the future be, breathe in the now, the present. 

Take time for yourself today. We are OK.  Release fear, hate and anger, fill the spaces with love and gratitude.  Give yourself a hug. Give a loved one a hug. Give a stranger a hug. We all have light in us, see this light in yourself.  Breathe. Connect. Heal.

As we move through today the 11.11 portal connects us to higher frequencies of the cosmos, be positive, calm and at peace. Walk away from confrontation and drama. It will all come out in the wash. 

Take time to think of the Rainbow Warriors at Standing Rock, feel strength in your core, love in your heart, solidarity in your consciousness and share this with them.

Find your groove, your energetic centre, ask to connect to the higher frequencies of fifth dimension manifestation. Believe in a future for yourself and for Gaia of abundance, unity and peace. Sharing love and light on this special day. 

Namaste beautiful people _/\_.


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