What is meditation?

Meditation is prayer before the kabal took the heart from it. Meditation is sacred ritual before it became outlawed as wicca and wicked. Meditation is being one with nature before we were plugged in to the 3d matrix. Meditation is being still, at peace, present and connected. 

We meditate when we walk in nature. We meditate when we colour in. We meditate when we dance, free and connected to the music. We meditate when we quieten our ego and hear our soul. We already do it. By stepping out of the matrix, into our bubble of present we are tuning our cellular frequency to the universal vibration of love. 

When we hug a loved one we are raising our vibrations to the love wavelength. When we laugh we are releasing denser energy, lightening our energetic load. When we make love we are embracing the universal flow of love. When we smell a child’s hair we are fully present, mindful and grateful. 

The emotion, the vibration of gratitude, like love, can connect us to the higher dimensions, by its very nature it is present, graceful and humble.

By sitting still, closing our eyes, comfortable though preferably with the chakras open, lying down is good for some people, we choose to connect, to meditate. 

Using our breath we can raise the vibrations of our cellular system in turn raising the energetic frequency of our whole being. This enables us to tune in, like a tuning fork, to different wavelengths of energy. 

The matrix manipulates us into breathing in a very shallow way, barely into our throat. When people experience panic and anxiety they are told to breathe into a paper bag. This is because it slows our breathing down, helping us to reach a calmer place. This inner equilibrium is the space of meditation. Using long deep breaths we can calm our system down and raise our frequency.

Our ego (you know…that annoying voice that goes on and on in your head) faced with this calm stillness can freak out. This lessens the more you meditate as the ego is programmed to fear anything it doesn’t know, so familiarity calms it. The ego also fears this stillness as it is trained by the matrix to be ‘doing’ not meditating.  We are to obey, conform, work, rest and play. Not connect to the universal love vibrations of the multi verse. 

The ego will continue to pop thoughts of doom and gloom, fear, insecurities, anxieties and stresses into our mind, breathe these out. Reassure our ego, by giving it a hug, encouraging it to quieten down and have a rest, everything is easy.

Inhale love, peace, calm and positivity, as you exhale release tension, stress, anxiety and fear. Repeating a Mantra like: ‘I breathe in love, I release tension and doubt’ can help focus our intention, clear fear and connect us to a more expansive perspective. 

The space we enter through breath and calming our system is meditation. Reaching a state where your ego is quiet, your body is connected and your mind is open. Where we go from there is entirely up to us. Deep relaxation, chakra balancing, guided healing visualisations, higher self and guide meetings…the multi verse is our oyster.

We can ask our guides for love and protection, for healing and guidance for loved ones. We can send healing heart led love energy to people and places. We can anchor our light to the Gaia grid. We can float on a cloud in a rainbow chakra shower.

Meditation is one of the keys to awakening, transition, alignment and eventually ascension. Meditation enables us to detox from the system, to expand our hearts and our minds, release stuck karma and grow as spiritual beings. 

Meditation is the jedi tool to awakening the force within us. Embrace it, harness it and own it, making it a part of you. A key to evolutionary growth, wisdom and enlightenment and in a practical sense a brilliant way to manage stress, anxiety and tension. Can I get an Ommmm up in here! Ommmmmmm!.

Namaste _/\_.


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