Breathing Space

We are in a period of calm. The hyper tension cranked up over the last few months has eased, broken by the super moon waves. Blood moons, planetary fluctuations and solar storms…it’s been a bumpy ride. Relax. We know where we stand now. We have released so much karmic baggage it’s time to exhale from the core, the stomach. 

If you are feeling unwell or run down rest, drink lots of water and sleep. You may be releasing stuck karmic energy, recalibrating, shifting your consciousness. This takes a lot out of us so don’t fight it, go to bed, read a book, eat soup. Allow it, feel it, own it, release it. This will pass and you will feel better soon.

Enjoy this cosmic break, this celestial plateau. Ride the calmer waves mindfully. Seek positive news on alternative media. Exercise and eat well. Time to regroup, reenergise and recover. The reboot, upgrades and higher consciousness expansion continues but we have a breather friends. Have a cuppa, put your feet up, watch Stranger Things or Westworld and reeeeelllaaaaaxxxx. Love light and hugs x namaste. 


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