Life gets sticky sometimes, tricky and messy. How do we stay centred when the odds stack up against us? Emotional triggers upset our inner balance, they are not invited by us, they are pushed on us. 

How to not feel weak, be the victim when someone is bullying or manipulating us? In a culture of blame where the victim has to prove the injury or injustice, how do we not get upset, frustrated, angry or tearful? 

The key to managing uninvited negativity will always be to respond through your heart. Not your mind or ego, your heart. If you come from a place of love, compassion and gratitude this will centre you. This will protect you. Your vibrations will remain high despite the onslaught of lower negative energies.

It won’t solve the problem, make the bully evaporate or dissolve the negativity by magic. But it will help you to be calm and express yourself with clarity. The dismissal of emotions as hysteria, the block against showing emotion, the conditioning that emotional responses are weak needs to change. In the meantime being heart led will help to manage tough situations. 

Communicating is essential to resolution.  Ask for help. Be vulnerable but not weak, don’t be ashamed of your humanity. Alternatively sometimes we need to bare our teeth, show some grit, some tough talking can be a good thing. 

There are ways of doing this that will make us feel stronger in adverse circumstances. Staying calm and centred, acknowledging our feelings validates them and sharing them can create space for measured response and resolution.

Take time out if you need it. Don’t respond if you’re not ready. Fix your boundaries of self respect and hold them. Retreat and  regroup if you need to, and go back to the situation ready to stand your ground. 

Don’t ask permission or offer explanation you have a right to self care and self protection. Think how you would advise someone else in your situation, objectivity helps us push through the mire of our own emotions. Remember all the lovely things in your life.

Hold your space, stand your ground, keep centred through your heart. Bullies and their kind can be put in their place. It’s how we respond that determines the outcome. Believe in yourself. 

Sending beautiful heart felt love to all Earth and Angel Warriors fighting the good fight for peace, equality and happiness.



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