Cosmic Energy Update 2.12.16

Decemer 2016…People are bouncing up and down the frequency spectrum like ping pong balls.  Is this what polarisation looks like? Who is awake, waking up, sound asleep? 

The heart led people, the confused people, the denyers and the lightworkers, the indigo’s, lizards and angels. We walk the same streets but in very different ways. 

Confusion, some stumbling across the deck of the sinking ship. Others oblivious, still admiring their latest phone, watch, car or coveting their neighbours’ status symbols of the old earth. 

And the darkworkers. What are they doing? Celebrating? Making plans? Eagerly awaiting retribution delivered by the man boy king of the United States? 

The matrix grid is tightening its grip as it goes down. Expect delays, communication issues, contract problems. Avoid signing things. Try to be creative or restful as often as possible. 

These upgrades are intense as we recalibrate our mind-body-soul system to higher frequencies.  2016 has been an accelerated year for raising ours and Gaia’s frequency, this has taken a toll on our health, energy levels and day to day interactions.

If you identify as a lightworker you are working hard in dream state to anchor the light to Gaia’s grid, to offset and rebalance the elite’s matrix of illusion and power. You will feel very tired during the day. Normal everyday stuff will feel like mountains to climb. 

Give yourself plenty of down time to recover. Be insistent. This wave that’s coming with the next and last 2016 super moon is going to be root and sacral chakra orientated. A push of deep karmic release, as individuals and for the planet. 

As we move towards 2017…where are we heading? What is the lay of the land? Has the new earth been spotted forming by nasa? What is the giant blue shere? What’s with all these super moons? It’s all getting cosmic maaaaan.

Self care, self love and self belief are the priority. Stay connected to the light of the universe. We will create the new earth with love, grace and humility friends. Namaste.

#cosmicwaves #awakening #raisethevibrations #gaiahealing #redpill #recalibration #meditate

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