We are the revolutionaries.  We stand against the tide of sanitised sheeple, we break apart the puppet shows of politics and religion and we stand strong in our light.  This is no time to be a drone, if you have doubts speak up now. Dare to be different. To call things as you see them. To own your thoughts, feelings and actions.

Do we give into fear? Do we accept hierarchy based on fascism as part of every day life? Do we compete, conform, consume like the good little sheeple they want?  Or do we disengage, unplug, wake up from the control system?  See through the propaganda in advertsing, media and news? Do we stop and question? Are there other ways to live? Greener, cleaner, leaner, more open ways to live where we can eat what we know, watch what we trust and say what we think?

Our world, our future, our new earth. The frequencies get denser as the kabal tighten their grip in desperation knowing their ship is going down. We should focus on keeping our vibrations high.  Calm, love, peace, calm, love, peace. Mindful of the present, the moment. Cleansing negative energies daily through water, meditation, sound healing, nature. We have the tools, we know what to do.  

To ride these waves we must stand strong and firm, yet felxible and fluid. It is time to deprogramme. Release anxiety and fear. Realign. Be kind. Know and understand the power of our energetic field and how it can determine the world we experience.  

The obvious bullies may be the Trump’s and the Twelve Families, but the power of the sheeple to point, stare, mock and belittle is diminishing by the day. It’s getting close to the time when we should stand up and be counted. Like the Standing Rock Earth Warriors we too will be required to step up to our own front line. 

The war for our hearts, souls and minds has been going on for too long. Time to take back what is ours. This planet, our rights and our dignity. 

Stand strong  people. We can create the new earth, we only have to believe in it and it will happen. Sending love and light to all those turning against the tide, fighting the good fight, raising the vibrations through love, compassion and gratitude. Namaste.  

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