Super Moon Loveliness

Our heart chakras are being activated as we move through this third and final 2016 super moon. The kundilini is rising, the light connecting our hearts to the flow of universal love frequency. 

Celebrate soul tribe, bask in their energetic company, recharge, rebalance and realign each other.  

If you are seeking soul tribe, meditate and call to your people. Use these powerful super moon rays to draw your soul tribe towards you. Ask your guides to guide you to each other. 

Cut the chords from energy vampires (you know, the ones who make you feel rubbish about yourself). Make room, create space in your life. 

Look into people’s eyes, the ones who look back are the ones you’re interested in. Identify your passions, open your world to possibility. 

Down time, the sanctuary of a good friend, the exhange of soul nourishment, this is heart led love, relish it. Namaste.

#soultribe #manifest #gratitude #supermoon #cosmicshifts 


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