Everything is changing yet it looks like nothing is. We know in our heart, our gut and our spider senses tingle…things are changing. The third dimension is transforming but it’s not necessarily a physical change that we can see with our eyes. This is a frequency change. Dimensional fluctuations as the vibrations get pulled higher on Gaia.

Hold tight people. Be mindful and grateful for what you have got. Breathe into you solar plexus to balance and strengthen your core to aid the realignment of this quantum upgrade. 

There is a bass line of love playing all the time, when you pull back from ego’s relentless dialogue, anxiety and depression, it’s there walking every step with you. When you release static energy created by fear and stress you can tune into this ever present magical love frequency. 

Whatever you’re doing this weekend run brief daugnostics on yourself, take regular internal readings- do I feel good in this environment? If you don’t, really do try and leave.  If you can’t leave take three deep breaths, and say this mantra ‘I breathe in calm and exhale anxiety’.

Stay centred and grounded. Gardening, knitting, walking, baths and reading are all higher frequency activities, allowing energetic space for these upgrades to occur. Stress and worry hamper the frequency rising, blocking it with denser energy.   

Consolidation of intense energetic upgrades relies on our mind body soul systems being relaxed enough to facillitate the process.  It requires energy and will stop or run into blockages if we don’t give it enough rest and fuel. Relaxing, creativity, love all feed the process, fuel it. Sometimes nothing is exactly what you need to be doing! Namaste.


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