Energy Update 20.01.17

We are experiencing deep, dense waves of higher frequencies rolling over and through the planet. Waves of higher vibrational energy pushing our cellular frequencies up. As this happens our body mind soul systems recalibrate. 

2016’s heart chakra activation followed by this month’s full moon throat chakra activation have triggered powerful and profound upgrades. Heavy limbs, persistent cold and flu symptoms, problems concentrating, tiredness and fluctuations in appetite and sleep patterns and increased sensitivity to pressure and stress can occur during this process. 

We may feel like climbing out our own skin, experience vivid, prolonged and detailed dreams, or wish to retreat from other people. This is our spirit looking to escape the density of the body as these higher frequency waves wash over and through us. 
Staying grounded will help to ride these waves in one piece. Seeking alignment in our chakras, clearing, strengthening and balancing, as our systems reset. Rest and taking pressure of ourselves will also help a great deal. 

We are doing a lot of work energetically to raise our frequencies, releasing toxins, emotional trauma and programmed fear. Hold your space. This is tough but will be worth it. We will open to expansion, quantum possibility. 

Upgrades take time to process, they need fuel. Rest up and relax as much as possible. Activation, recalibration and consolidation of these upgrades take energetic effort. Be kind to yourself, treat yourself gently, allow space for self care. Stay centred and grounded, make time to connect to the beautiful frequency of universal love through meditation, nature and soul tribe _/\_. Namaste.


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