The man boy is king of US Corp. LGBT, disability and climate change have been erased from the White House website. So now we breeeeeathe. Inhale hope, exhale fear. If we let this third dimension programme our thoughts, feelings and actions we surrender our right to organic evolution.

Mind control, misogynistic gaslighting, false flag war mongering and poisons in our water (if we are fortunate enough to have it), our food, medicines and air has created a sinister situation. 

As the veils lift and we see just how ugly the monster controllers are (David Rockefeller – you can practically see his scales…) we may feel caught, paralysed by polarity. 

Programmed to see in black and white, narcissistic western society struggles as it wakes up. Fascism loves fear, it needs it like a vampire needs blood to survive. 

Staying sane relies on being present. Staying calm relies on breathwork, meditation and belief. Breathing into non attachment whilst still being grounded and present. 

If the simplest tasks feel beyond you this weekend don’t feel bad. We are processing a huge amount of matrix information fused with cosmic upgrades, triggering emotional and energetic overload. 

Action can help. The Women’s March demonstrations this weekend will help restore the yin yang balance. Female energy gathering, multiplying and magnifying as it flows out round the planet. 

Sign up. Educate yourself. Stand and be counted.  Stay aware these are not normal times, historically we expect disruption at the transition of a decade, a century…we are riding the waves of a millennial transition! 

We are an awakening planet and people. As we shed the mantle of control we spread our wings. 

To awaken is to know our enemy. Such tough times, necessary as there can be no awakening whilst still plugged into the matrix of oppression. To be conscious of the horrors yet still hold hope and love in your heart. 

Find your strength in your soul, connect and get to know those deeper levels of your self you’ve been told don’t exist. Knowing your soul heals the mind and empowers the body. Rest and recharge as often as you can.

Find gratitude, grace, humility and ultimately love within yourself and one by one we will rise above this polarity. Rational politics, common sense economics and clean sustainable living are within humanity’s grasp. 

Mantra: We feel hope, we own hope, we manifest hope.


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