Many of us are feeling a wish to escape, release our spirit, free ourselves from the routines and responsibilities, the stresses and pressures of third dimensional living. Now is the time we most need to anchor our light, ground ourselves and be present. This is a balancing act between fifth dimensional frequency alignment and this reality. We are being pulled in different directions. The fears and pressures of the matrix pull our vibrations down, escaping through meditation and retreat can pull us away up through our crown chakra. Self care creates balance, realigns our energetic sysyem and enables us to process dna upgrades more easily. By focusing on our solar plexus in meditation and energetic movement like yoga or xi gong, we build and anchor strength in this core power chakra.

When the matrix drags you down the rabbit hole of darkness, meditate and breathe. Ask for help from your guides, then listen. If you’re caught up in drama, someone else’s or your own, try and stop time for just a moment. Regroup, rebalance and calm down. Breathe, three times, throat chest stomach. Ask for your aura and each chakra to be cleared, strengthened and balanced.

There is a lot of anger in the atmosphere, real authentic rightful anger. Each section or group of society that has been treated poorly by the elite is waking up and they are angry. The injustices of this planet are astounding. To live with the anger is tough. To try and release it, transmute it, exhale it is a relentless challenge in this lifetime. Anger corrodes the soul. It breaks it down, poisons it with denser frequencies and makes it gritty and dirty. Yet if you wake up and don’t feel angry well…you’ve not really woken up.

The straight white male, the ideal in this patriarchal matrix, has been short-changed as well. Boxed in and labelled with structured expectations and punished with harsh consequences if he doesn’t conform. No one is safe, as they awaken, from anger. Some may feel survivors guilt or somehow complicit. It is all programming, the enforced disconnection of our mind body and soul system. Accelerated manifestation creating constantly fluctuating timelines, means if we sit in this anger too long it becomes our ongoing reality. After time it hardens into bitterness, taking root in our physical bodies as illness. Anger comes out when you least expect it. It can upset us more than many other emotions. It can leave us feeling ashamed, guilty, obstinate, irritable and moody. This is bad juju and it affects those around us badly. A self fulfilling prophecy, a karmic wheel of anger.

So how do we step out of it, transmute it and release without harming ourselves or others in the process?

Finding a balance between the multi worlds of higher frequency existence and third dimension life is the key. Knowing when to engage and when to release. Listening to our intuition, our instincts, our guides, our higher self, our wisdom is key. Maturity comes from awareness, reflection and learning, not stewing in the darkness of negative emotions. Climbing out of that dark pit. Hauling ourselves back up over the edge into sunlight. It takes work. Effort. Energy. And focus. This is not a lifetime to coast, this is a lifetime of accelerated growth, fast, hard lessons and learning.

Taking time to process such an immense rollercoaster of a ride is essential to maintain some kind of equilibrium between being too third dimensional and too crown chakra floaty. Core strength through self care, cleansing our minds of toxins, staying connected to our bodies will help. Let the energy build inside you, from the core out. Breathe into your solar plexus for strength and stillness. Reach inside yourself for gratitude, see and feel the good things in your life. Connect to those emotions and embrace the rush of love that will flow through your system.

We are in rough energetic seas friends, ride them in solidarity and support but release the depths of the anger to the universe, let her deal with it. If we are in the End Times then we are also in the Beginning Times. Embrace the transition by lightening our emotional energetic loads. Cleanse and clear, balance and strengthen, love and be loved. 

Mantra: I release anger, anxiety and fear, I embrace love, joy and happiness.

I am safe, I am calm, I am love.

I ask my guides and higher self for ongoing protection from all lower frequencies and vibrations. I ask this in grace, humility and gratitude. Namaste.


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